Teen pregnancies and abortions

Written by Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

Teenage pregnancies and abortions in MalaysiaThe positive pregnancy test greeted her as she looked down.


“This cannot be happening! I am only 17!”

A flood of questions flooded her head as she paced inside her cramped bathroom. Questions about what to do, what to tell her parents and how she’s going to hide her growing baby bump…

More teens are getting knocked up

This is not a situation we expect most teenage girls to be facing. But the reality is that our youth are having sex and some teenage girl are getting pregnant.

The latest facts shows a growing number of pregnancies among sexually active teenagers. Making it a major cause of concern in Malaysia today.

'Almost one teenage birth was reported every day'

S. Radhakrishnan, the former President of Medico-Legal society of Malaysia, revealed some shocking facts about this new ‘trend’.

He revealed that more than 18,600 girls below the age of 19 years gave birth to babies last year. The situation was worse in some areas like the Klang valley where almost one teenage birth was reported every day.

Unwed teenage mother

Out of the 18,600 reported cases, nearly 4200 were unwed mothers while others were married.

While the above figures may stagger you, the actual figures are in fact much higher because most cases of such pregnancies go unreported. This is because data pertaining to pregnancies, particularly among unwed teenagers, only becomes available if they seek antenatal care.

Malaysia lacks sexual education

Teenage pregnancies are largely due to the lack of sexual education among growing-up children. There is also the lack of awareness when it comes to methods of contraception and protection.

S. Radhakrishnan added that the sex education meant for teenagers should go “beyond sexual abstinence messages and advice”, adding that “unsafe abortion and associated morbidity and mortality in women were completely avoidable”.

Unsafe abortions being carried out in Malaysia

He also pointed out that out of nearly 50 million abortions carried out across the world every year, nearly 20 million were unsafe due to any of the following reasons:

- Inadequately trained persons putting an end to these unwanted pregnancies, and

- Terminating pregnancies in unsafe and unhygienic conditions,

- Both the above.

Government should take action

What is all the more worrying is the fact that 90% of these unsafe abortions are carried out in developing countries.

Clearly, the writing is on the wall and the government will have to take timely action to check the number of abortions and teenage pregnancies among sexually active teenagers by educating them.

As she was walking towards the abortion clinic, doubts filled her mind.

“Should I really end the life that’s inside of me? It feels so wrong…”

Before she knew it she was turning back and hailing down a taxi.

“No matter what happens, we’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out together little baby!”

“I guess I’m going to be a mummy…”


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Source: Unwanted abortions on the rise


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