What Are The Benefits of Probiotics During Pregnancy?

What Are The Benefits of Probiotics During Pregnancy?

Probiotics are live, good bacteria for your gut that aids digestion.  A natural occurrence in food that are fermented, they can also be taken in supplement form.

What are the benefits of probiotics during pregnancy?

You’ve probably heard the commotion about probiotics and how it can beneficial for kids. The most highly commercialized probiotic kid’s drink back in the days was probably Vitagen and I bet you your kids still recognise this today.

credit : Hungrygowhere

credit : Hungrygowhere

Is It Safe For Pregnancy?

Yes, they are most probably safe. So far there are way too many strains and not a whole lot of research done to say it is 100% safe. HOWEVER, there are also NO research supporting the idea that probiotics are unsafe for pregnancy.

In fact some are arguing it actually really good for you before and during pregnancy. With constipation and diarrhea being two frequently experienced common discomforts during pregnancy, the use of probiotics during pregnancy is common.

Benefits of Probiotics During Pregnancy

#1 Decreases the Risk of Preeclampsia

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Studies show that if a woman consumes a milk based probiotic daily or weekly throughout her entire pregnancy her risk for developing preeclampsia decreases SIGNIFICANTLY.

  • weekly consumption and the risk goes down by 25%.
  • daily consumption and the risk goes down by 39%.

#2 Decreases the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Probiotics have also shown to help pregnant women lower their fasting blood sugar levels and therefore decrease the risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Benefits Of Probiotics

#3 Decreases the Risk of Baby Eczema

Other benefits of probiotics in pregnancy (and into postpartum) is that it will help breastfeeding mums decrease the likelihood of the baby developing eczema in the first two years of life.

When baby receives this probiotic boost through breastmilk, the risk of eczema is greatly reduced. (source)

#4 Increases Overall Immunity in Babies

Finally, supplementation with probiotics in pregnancy increases a baby’s overall immunity and will continue to do the same while breastfeeding.

Benefits Of Probiotics

credit : cdc.gov

And if that is the best for my baby, why not. It really gives meaning to the saying you are what you eat.

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