Best cheap baby carriers you can find in Malaysia

Best cheap baby carriers you can find in Malaysia

Although it seem like babywearing is fast becoming a trend in Malaysia, many are afraid to take the plunge when they see the price tags attached to these carriers

Although it seem like babywearing is fast becoming a trend in Malaysia, many are afraid to take the plunge when they see the price tags attached to these carriers. Just as you would buy a stroller to assist you, these carriers are simply tools to help parents care for their child.

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Image used with permission from Malaysian Babywearers

And just as there are ranges of various strollers from the very basic, to the high-end strollers with all the fancy features to help keep your child safe and comfortable, babywearing carriers too have a wide price range that is dependent on different factors.

Does this mean more expensive is better? Not necessarily. But why are some so expensive? Carriers whether Soft structured, Ring Slings, Mei Tais, Stretchy wraps or Woven wraps are made using high quality materials. Some go through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe to carry your child and these testing costs are extremely steep.

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When buying your first carrier, the most important thing is to invest in one that is recommended for benefiting your child’s physical and mental development and is comfortable for you without breaking the bank.
Does this also mean cheap is good enough? Not necessarily. If you run a Google search for cheap carriers in Malaysia, chances are you will encounter a couple of counterfeit/OEM carriers with prices going for as low as RM70. But are they truly safe?

There have been unreported cases in Malaysia with regards to fake carrier malfunction where the child had slipped and fallen. The infographic below lists the affected brands that are available in Malaysia.

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Image used with permission from Malaysian Babywearers

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BICA) has warned members, businesses and consumers alike of the growing amount fake carriers being sold worldwide. These unethical sellers are using well known brands and selling copies of them rebranded as something else.

These carriers are unauthorised copies, complete with stolen designs and instructions. In addition to being illegal, they can be dangerous, due to the poor sewing and materials — many are sewn with inferior fabrics, and may be easier to tear when in use.

Buying a fake carrier, although possibly ‘a bargain’ isn’t worth the risk. We want to keep our children safe and buying a fake carrier cannot allow us to do this.

So are there no budget friendly, ergonomic, real and safe carrier then?

Yes there are. Malaysia may not yet have a governing body that enforces safety standards for baby carriers, but The Malaysian Babywearers(MBW) is a non government organization that does internal reviewing on carriers circulating in the group.

For peace of mind why not try our Malaysian MBW approved local brands:

Soft Structured Carriers

CuddleMe – NeoCarrier 2.0 (FREE Bamboo Teething Pads): was priced RM199.90 but is now on sale for RM161.90 at One Baby World.
Tugeda Chance – Neon Star (Green) by Tugeda Carrier: RM250.00
Bobita Gen2 SSC by Bobita Baby Carrier – Malaysia : RM249.00
Alpha Cubes on Chili Red (Orbit) by JumpSac: RM339.00
Camo 2 (With Upgrade) Stork by Snuggbaby : RM398.00

Woven Wrap, Ring Slings and Mei Tais

Daiesu Sandbox Woven Baby Wrap: from RM145–RM235
DIY Combo: Daiesu Sandbox Sling Piece + Aluminium Rings: RM100
Hannah Wrap by Baby Ultra: from RM160
Jumpsac Auroray in Cream (Woven Wrap) : RM229.00
Jumpsac Spun Sugar (Ring Sling): RM149.00

There are also some international but very affordable brand of carriers available namely Soul Slings and Yaro Slings.

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