Ghost hurt your baby, said nanny

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A mother who left her five month old daughter with a nanny was told that the baby might have been attacked by a ghost.

A major problem most working mothers face these days is having to entrust their young ones into the hands of a day care unit or a nanny while they are away for work. But if you think your child is safe with a nanny or a governess, think twice!

Attacked by a ghost

A mom who left her five-month-old baby daughter under the supervision of a nanny was shocked to see it badly bruised on getting back from work.

When this mother, Lin who works as a customer service manager at Sungai Nibong, questioned the nanny, she was in for a bigger shock!!

She said, “When I asked the nanny what had happened, she said my daughter could have been attacked by a ghost.”

Serious injuries

As if the bruises on the head were not bad enough, the baby started developing a high fever after a few days. Soon she was admitted to the Penang hospital where the doctors diagnosed her as suffering from a lung infection while a head scan confirmed the presence of blood clots.

The child was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital and is now said to be stable after undergoing a successful head surgery.

Lin, the mother of the battered child, however, plans to take legal action against the ‘careless caretaker’ and a police spokesman confirmed that the nanny had indeed been apprehended for questioning.


Source: Ghost hurt your baby, woman told