Inilah wajah-wajah di sebalik syarikat Tickled Media. Kami adalah sebuah pasukan yang terbentuk dari beberapa orang dengan latar belakang budaya dan pendidikan yang berbeza, namun dengan satu tujuan, iaitu: menjadi sahabat baik buat para ibu di setiap perjalanan mereka.


Roshni Mahtani

Founder, CEO & Director

In addition to running theAsianparent, Asia's number 1 parenting website, Roshni is also Co-Founder of the Female Founders Network, Board Member of TiE Singapore, and Mentor at JFDI. She's also an Executive Producer of Untouchable: Children of God, a documentary on child trafficking in India.




Edmund Chee

Senior Campaign Manager

Edmund brings his multitude of experience of campaign/project planning and execution mixed with data analysis to help improve processes and heighten the quality of the deliverables externally and internally alike. For further information, you can send an email to Edmund at [email protected]


Anis Hanini

Head of Content

Before joining theAsianparent Malaysia, Anis was a senior lifestyle writer for one of the leading Malay magazines in Malaysia for eight years, with a short stint as a content curator at SIDEC. She calls herself a pop-culture fan with interest in music, movies, tv-series and celebrities. If you would like to send press releases and event invites, you can drop your email at [email protected]

Izzati Saadin

Content Editor

Izzati love to write about beauty, previously she was the Beauty Editor for an urban Malay magazine. But since becoming a mom, everything about parenting are pretty much relatable, and she love sharing about it by becoming the Content Editor of theAsianparent Malaysia. But her passion in beauty doesn't stop there, she still have her own beauty platform to release the beauty junkie in her. Now she can have it all!

Nur Zuraikha

Content Producer

Zuraikha became a part-time writer for an online website for almost 2 years during her studies. She finished her internship at Utusan Malaysia and received a Bachelor of Communication from University Putra Malaysia. She has been a content writer at theAsianparent Malaysia since 2019. When not writing, she likes to watch the news on TV and remains active online.

App & Marketing

Alya Mustafa

Senior App Content Producer

Switching from Mathematics/Statistics to Content was one of the hardest challenges in his life. But, Alya believes that there is always something to learn. She didn’t expect to learn the different parenting knowledge since her first day working with theAsianparent.


Nur Hazreen

Graphic Designer

Her favorite quote is “The possibility of all of these possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen." When she first started, she had no idea it will become her long-time career. This job allows her to explore thousand of possibilities. Now imagine the infinite possibilities that have yet to come her way!