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Mama's Choice Soothing Protective Sheet Mask

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  • JenamaMama's Choice
  • Maklumat Mampu mengurangkan minyak berlebihan dan mencegah bakteria penyebab kenaikan jerawat. Diformulasikan 100% bebas paraben, bebas alkohol dan selamat unt
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5 out of 5
No itchy after use
best la product ni. suit mama and i use without worry. also suit my skin..no itchy or red after use. will purchase again soon. delivery also fast . thanks.
Sesuai Kulit Kering
Siapa yang kulit kering sesuai pakai sheet mask ni! sejuk jee best! nanti saya nak repeat order lagi 🥰
My pimple started acting up ever since my second pregnancy started. now its slightly tamed as ive been using this for a week now. it comes in threes so price wise is decent
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