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Prego Duo Baby High Chair Dining Seat
Product Features: ?Embracing parenthood with prego® baby. Established in Malaysia, our mission is to become parents best helpers in taking care of their little ones. Read more about us: ?Baby high chair toddler dining chair with sleek Scandinavian design ready stock in Johor ?Suitable for baby 6 months to toddlers children 4 years old ?Made of stainless steel tubes and maximum weight support is 20kg ?Dining trays and chairs are made of PP and able to support heat up to 120 degree ?Multi-function feeding chair which can be used in living room, dining room or anywhere as parents wish ?2 adjustable height positions which allows parents to change from easy feeding to sitting toddler on dining table ?Dual tray design to separate food tray from play tray. Upper layer is used for food tray and can be removed and turn into play tray ?Water resistance PU leather fabric allows easy to wipe clean. Detachable for cleaning and do not machine wash ?Large storage basket under seat to carry essentials like bibs or dining-wares ?5 point harness safety system to ensure maximum safety ?Made of BPA free and non-toxic material
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