5 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Your Kids

5 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Your Kids

Shopping smart is the key to saving money, especially on kids’ items. Here are 5 ways you can do that!

Parenthood is undoubtedly a joyous journey full of heart-warming moments, but it can also leave a dent in your wallet if you are not careful.

Diapers, milk and baby food are necessities but other important must-haves, such as quality car seats or cots, can prove quite costly to your budget – being close to broke after browsing kids clothing online is a struggle we all know too well.  

Thankfully, there are ways you can control your expenditure by shopping smart. So, here are five cost-saving methods that can save you in the long-run.

1. Hand-me-downs

Hand Me Downs Kids Clothing

Hand-me-downs are a good way to get quality items for free!

Hand-me-downs are second-hand or preloved goods that are shared between friends and family. For children, these are usually items that a kid outgrows but are still in good condition. First-time pregnant mothers tend to spend the most in preparation to welcome their baby to the world. However, children in general outgrow their clothes surprisingly quickly and you may find yourself scrambling for a new wardrobe within a few months.

One way to evade overspending is to opt for preloved goods. However, this does not mean that you should stop shopping at once, instead, request for hand-me-downs that you really need such as pants, casual t-shirts and even, car seats or diaper bags. Just let your circle of friends or family know that you are open to preloved items, especially kids’ clothing.

Another tip is to browse websites with second hand sellers, especially for items such as kids’ beds, where you will find great deals for quality and sometimes, branded goods for half the price.  

2. Identify the sale seasons or shop off season

Shopping Sale Season Malaysia

Know the right time to shop can save you money.

 Malaysia loves celebrations which means we have access to great shopping deals all year round, especially during key festivities of Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. On top of that, Malaysia’s year-end sales, which is likely to commence in November this year, offers great discounts for parents to snag a few kids items.

Alternatively, shopping off season is another great hack to save that cash. Retailers, especially international kids’ clothing brands, will offer discounted goods to make space for their new season collection. For example, if you are traveling and in need of winter clothing for your little ones, then its best to start shopping early in the year as they will be selling off their winter collection for cheaper to make way for their Spring line. If you are looking for Malaysia weather-friendly items, you can opt to shop right before the winter collection stocks up in December.  

3. Invest in at-home activities

Family at home activities

Board games are a great way to bond with your kids and they last longer than other toys!

Toys and games are essential for child development.  As their brain develops, toys or interactive games can help with their physical dexterity, fuelling creativity, problem solving skills, language development and social skills. There are various toymakers on the market with education item. However, the price point can be slightly above budget.

So, instead of a one-off purchase that your kid can easily outgrow, it is best to invest in activities or games that can last throughout their childhood such as board games and books. Other toys such as interactive educational electronics or games can last long and are still relevant throughout their childhood. These type of activities are also inclusive for the entire family and make great at-home activities you can bond, teach and grow with your kid.  

4. Look for swap groups

Sunway Velocity Swap Groups

Swapping clothes is good way to gift items you don’t need for items you do need.

 Similar to hand-me-downs, swap groups are when you trade items with other parents. These groups mostly operate on social media platforms such as Facebook. Some of these swap groups also sell items at more affordable prices – you can try joining ‘KL Moms Swap and Shop’ on Facebook where members can trade items or purchase preloved or new items at more affordable prices.

Likewise, you can form your very own swap group with other parents! Just gather your friends and family to get them to spread the word!

5. Buy quality goods

Sunway Velocity Quality Purchase

Invest in goods that are less likely to breakdown in the future.

It is hard not to be attracted to a cheaper price tag – we all want to save! However, opting for a cheaper price tags equals compromising on feature or even, durability. So, avoid skimping on the more important items such as children’s beds, baby cots, car seats, play pens or even, bicycles, because there are important safety feature you must consider.

As a safety precaution, make sure you do ample research on these items, especially car seats as these are crucial in protecting your kids in road travel –  details such as the ISOFIX, seatbelt or sizes matter when it comes to choosing a car seat. Consider it a one-off investment as quality goods are more durable, which means they are made to last. This allows you to have a peace-of-mind that they are unlikely to be damaged and you will not need to fork out money for a repurchase.

Win vouchers and redeem discounts at Sunway Velocity Mall!

Beside the useful hacks we have listed, school holidays are a season to consider as retailers tend to host various discounts and promotions, especially on children’s goods.

This March, Sunway Velocity Mall will be hosting a special school holiday event where participants can enjoy limited-time promotions, cash and discount vouchers from various popular kid’s clothes brands, toy retailers, as well as services!

March School Holiday Campaign Sunway Velocity

Sunway Velocity Mall will hold exclusive school holiday deals from March 11 to March 22!

Play this interactive game to win discounts

To win exclusive discounts, head over to Sunway Velocity and get your kids to participate in their interactive Germ Buster Game. The interactive gameplay involves kids exterminating germs based on sensory motion by waving their hands left or right. The game also serves an important lesson about  the importance of hygiene and cleanliness!

Players that score above 50 points will be rewarded with a RM20 SVM Kids Outlet cash voucher, which you can redeem at selected outlets. If players score below 50 points, they will still be entitled to selected discount deals or a voucher –  participant have a 60 per cent chance of winning cash or discount vouchers through this gameplay!

Germ Buster Game Sunway Velocity

Exterminate germs and win discount, as well as kid vouchers!

Meanwhile, from 11th to 14th March,  50 VeloKiddie members daily who play the Germ Buster game will receive a RM30 SVM Kids Outlet cash voucher and a Cat Plushie regardless of their point score! If you aren’t a VeloKiddie member you can sign up for free on Sunway Velocity Mall’s website and be notified on every campaign they have to ensure you get the best deals – members and new sign-ups will win freebies too!

Besides that’s, the kids’ outlet booths with namely popular brands, as well as services will be offering various discounts and promotions.

Here is a list of the participating retailers and services:

  • Mothercare: A popular brand known for its maternity essentials, baby and children products. Their range includes pushchairs and strollers.
  • Bath & Kids: Focused on all-natural products, Bath & Kids uses formulas that are free from parabens, SLS and soap.
  • Anakku: Shop from its extensive children collection featuring fashion wear, feeding equipment, toiletries, accessories, baby wipes, strollers, playpens and more.
  • kOkO BLOCK: Mirroring the LEGO concept, kOkO BLOCK offers LEGO play and various activities that educate your little ones.
  • KidzB: Parents can drop off their kids at this indoor playground where they will enjoy various activities and play areas, as well as interact with other children.
  • Baby Spa & Wellness: This is the first and largest wellness centres specifically for babies.
  • Chicco: An international brand, Chicco sellsbaby products ranging from strollers, high chairs to toys and baby hygiene products.
  • Poney: Poneysells various fashion wear, clothing, dress, accessory products for baby and kids.
  • Toys ‘R’ Us: Shop their wide range of toys for kids of all ages, including interactive and educational items.
  • Gymboree: Send your kids for play and learn classes where they can build creativity, confidence as well as friendships.
  • 123 Bake: Spark the cooking passion with your kids at 123 Bake, which offers cooking classes especially for children.
  • Cotton On Kids: Browse their collection of adorable clothing wear and other items, including swimwear as well as footwear.

With that being said, it is time to get your shopping lists ready our dear parents, as this school holiday exclusive will run from 11th to March 22nd only!

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