16 offers worth checking out at TCE baby fair

16 offers worth checking out at TCE baby fair

If you're thinking of going to the upcoming baby fair at Mid Valley, check out these awesome deals below!

The TCE baby fair is one of the most anticipated fairs in Malaysia and it’s happening on the 28 July 2016 till 31 July 2016 at Mid Valley. They have some pretty hard-to-beat offers and these offers are only available during the fair. It might be over crowded (as usual!) but, some deals are quite irresistable. We’ve shortlisted a few offers here that makes TCE baby fair worth going to!

Do check their Facebook page out for more offers!

Here's some of the best deals:

1. 70% off Newjoy Berry Mini Cradle by Comfy Baby – selling at only RM 599.00 (NP:RM 1999.00)!

Limited to 5 only units a day

*Bedding Set is not included
*Delivery & Installation are not included

2. The ever popular Tommee Tippee brand is back with an irresistible promo! 40% off  Tommee Tippee Malaysia Steriliser Bundle Set – selling at RM 499.00 (NP:RM 843.35)!

3. Every baby needs their own swaddle. A swaddle keeps them warm and comfy like they’re still in the womb. Aden + Anais muslin swaddles are the softest and one of the best there is. 50% off Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle 1PK – selling at RM28.95 (NP:RM 41.35)! & 3PK at only RM 49.83 (NP:RM 99.65)!

4. This is another best buy because babies tend to roll all over the place and this comfy little nest is what they need to get a good night sleep. 55% off Babymoov Malaysia Cozysleep at only RM95.36 (NP:RM 211.90)!

5. The very popular best selling Quinny Zapp is now at 44% off, only at the Baby fair! Quinny Zapp Xtra 2.0 – selling at RM 1399.00 (NP:RM 2499.00)!

6. This nifty little baby seat will keep your little one safe, snug and entertained while you catch up with your chares/ work. [43% OFF] Mamas & Papas Malaysia Baby Snug with Playtray at only RM 250.00 (NP:RM 438.00)! Limited to Limited to 20 units a day

7. When your baby starts to walk, these soft crib shoes are perfect to keep his little feet warm and it comes in so many cutesy designs too! [74% OFF] Funky Feet Soft Sole Shoes at only RM 39.00 Each (NP:RM 148.30)!

9. This is such a good deal for 22 pieces of safety set to safeguard your baby! [47% OFF] BabyDan Starter Safety Set 22Pcs at only RM 39.00 (NP:RM 74.10)!

10. With a baby, we all need baby wipes! At only RM1 per pack, this is too good to resists. [89% OFF] Piyo Piyo Malaysia Pure Water Baby Wipes 20's at only RM 1.00 Each (NP:RM9.00)! Limited to 50 Packs a day

11. Spectra is one of the best breastpump brands in Malaysia and the latest S9+ is the most convenient and popular pump for this brand. [43% OFF] Spectra Baby Malaysia 9+ Double Breastpump Bundle Set at only RM 731.40 (NP:RM 1300.00)! Limited to 15 sets a day

12. A thermometer is the most overlooked baby needs. This is an affordable non contact, infrared thermometer is a great deal. [50% OFF] Rycom Thermometer at only RM 89.00 (NP:RM 179.90)

13. by Simple-Dimple Beautiful, soft, and pretty nursing bras at 70% off. Fabulous Mom Lydia Nursing Bra at only RM 22.23 Each (NP:RM 74.09)!

14. One of the most popular carriers, ergobaby at a whopping 40% off. Ergobaby Galaxy Pink at only RM 299.40 (NP:RM 499.00)!

15. 3-in- 1 toys are always such a steal because children get tired of toys easily and a 3-in- 1 toy will be able to keep a child entertained for a long time and this is a steal at 44% off. Coby Play 3-in- 1 Flip N Play Combo Set at only RM 169.00 (NP:RM 307.00)!

16. An ISOFIX car seat at 46% off is such a steal. Koopers Mambo Black ISOFIX Car Seat at only RM 599.00 (NP:RM 1099.00)!

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