7 Fun Christmas Games For The Whole Family

7 Fun Christmas Games For The Whole Family

Christmas is here! If you're having a party or gathering, here are 7 fun Christmas games to get everyone involved in the mood.

If you're having a party or just a gathering of close family and friends, it may be helpful to have a few ideas for fun party games to get everyone in the party mood.

Also, group activities means everyone needs to get off the phones and get socialising!

Here are 7 fun Christmas games for the whole family:

Secret Santa

Christmas presents

A time-honoured Christmas game, this one ensures everyone in the gathering gets a present. Before the party everyone is randomly assigned a person to whom they have to give a present. Usually the value of the gift is pre-determined. At the party, the gifts are given out and the recipient has to guess who their Secret Santa is!

Do you want to build a snowman?


Photo from www.notconsumed.com

This is a traditional Halloween game with a Frozen twist - instead of making a mummy, lets make a snowman! All you need is toilet paper, orange and black construction paper, tape and perhaps a couple of brave volunteers to transform into the snowman. Other players simply race to wrap the volunteer in toilet paper, then tape on the eyes and nose. Voila! Your very own snowmen!

What's in Santa's hat?


This is a simple guesswork game utilizing simple things you can find around the house. Gather a few Santa hats and fill them with several items (marbles, candy canes, pinecones, etc) and then give them to each participant. The participants have to guess the items and the person with the most correct objects win! You can also use Christmas stockings instead of hats.

Candy Cane Hunt


Photo from Dirt and Boogers

Another simple but fun game, hide a bunch of candy canes around the house and send everyone on a hunt!

Monopoly Frozen Edition


This fast trading property game for adults is now great for kids as well - Monopoly now comes in a Frozen edition! Teach your kids to play as Anna, Elsa or Olaf; you can even play the soundtrack for even more Frozen fun.

Pin the nose on the reindeer


This is Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a Christmas twist- instead of a tail, challenge your guests to pin a red nose on a reindeer. You just need a corkboard, some pins and some red construction paper to make the noses. Write each player's name on a nose and get them to pin it to the board while blindfolded.

Human Christmas tree


Another one that benefits from group effort- dress up one member of the team as a Christmas tree! The one with the most holiday spirit, the most creativity, wins.


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