This mum's amazing 32 kg weight loss transformation will stun you!

This mum's amazing 32 kg weight loss transformation will stun you!

This mum's weight loss journey just stunned us! Read how she managed to lose 32 kg in 20 months!

Mummy of three, Chelsea Lim, recently shared her weight loss success story with us, and boy were we impressed! Chelsea revealed how she had managed to shed 32 kg in 20 months*!

43-year-old Chelsea, manager of a software company for Singapore and Malaysia, hopes that her weight loss story can inspire other women who have gained a lot of weight after pregnancy.

Here is her story then, in her words!

Mum’s Weight Loss Secrets*

“All my pregnancies had complications, ranging from gestational diabetes to 100% placenta previa.”

“My body weight shot to 78 kg two months after my third delivery, due to all the nourishing confinement food.”

Singapore mum's weight loss

“The main reason I wanted to lose weight is because I wanted to stay healthy and reserve more energy and time towards my family.”

“The turning point came when I was hospitalised in the third quarter of 2016 due to a spasm in my heart area. It was a scary moment and I thought I would never be able to see my family again.”

“The second reason is that I wanted to be treated like a lady, and not as a pregnant woman. On many occasions, I was being offered seats in public transport (MRT, bus) because these kind-hearted passengers thought I was pregnant!”

“It was definitely a kind gesture from them, but it was a big blow to my self esteem.”

Weight Loss Plan

“My spasm scare was a wake up call for me to exercise. I decided to stop consuming carbs, suppers and sugary drinks. I cycled with my husband almost every night and switched to a low-carb diet.”

“I managed to lost 18 kg over a span of 8 months from August 2016 to April 2017. I could not lose any more weight though, and my weight remained stuck at 60 kg.”

Singapore mum's weight loss

In May 2017

“My waistline was then around 93.5 cm. Kind-hearted passengers would still offer their seats in public transport and I was constantly given priority in queues, as I still looked pregnant.”

“But I didn’t lose heart. With strong determination and strict time management, I took up exercise regimes. I took up yoga and zumba classes, started swimming early in the morning, and went for running or jogging at night when my children were asleep.”

“From May 2017 to June 2017, I managed to shed another 6 kg.” 

Mum’s Weight Loss: The Journey Was Not Easy

“It was then that I chanced upon free exercise classes conducted by Health Promotion Board and Singapore Sports Hub. I joined the HIIT, Cardio, Boot Camp and Functional training every evening after work and during weekends.”

“Finally, I managed to lost another 9 kg over a span of 9 months (from July 2017 to April 2018). In April 2018, I weighed 46 kg.”

Singapore mum's weight loss

In 2018

“So, from August 2016 to April 2018, I lost a total of 32 kg!”

“The journey is not easy, especially if you need to juggle work, family, and children. I credit my weight loss success to my strong will and determination.”

“I am proud to transform from a plump mummy to a slim and sexy mother. My entire wardrobe got revamped, as I went from a size XXL to size S.”

“My weight loss has inspired and motivated many of my friends to follow what I have achieved.” 

Singapore mum's weight loss

Life Now

“I still attend my free exercise classes by Health Promotion Board and Singapore Sports Hub, at least three sessions a week. My present priority is to stay healthy, watch my diet and exercise together with my family.”

“As a family, we do a lot of outdoor activities together such as swimming, cycling, rollerblading, jogging, and many more. I sleep better now and feel much more refreshed.”

Singapore mum's weight loss

In July 2018

“Overall, I feel happier, confident and healthier. I have regained my self esteem. Health is very important to me. I hope to empower other woman especially mums, to stay healthy and fit regardless of age.”

Thank you, Chelsea Lim for sharing your story with us. You have proved that a woman can be anything she wants to be. More power to you!

*This is Chelsea Lim’s story. theAsianparent strongly advises readers to consult a doctor before embarking on ANY diet or exercise regime, as every “body” is different. 


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