Amazing: In just 2 years this mum birthed 3 sets of twins

Amazing: In just 2 years this mum birthed 3 sets of twins

In just over 2 years, Danesha Couch birthed three different sets of twins! Read her unique story and learn about her very special family!

It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins…but what about three sets of twins?!

Danesha Couch, a 20-year-old American mother, has recently set the bar for birthing children as she’s amazingly given birth to three sets of twins within the timespan of just over two years!


(Source: Danesha Couch)

It all began back in April of 2014 when she gave birth to her first set of twins: Desmond and Danarius. The two were born after just 26 weeks of gestation. Tragically, Denesha suffered a placental abruption  during delivery and Desmond died within five minutes of his birth. The surviving twin, Danarius, was able to push through and is now a happy and healthy 2-year-old.

“He’s full of energy,” Couch told TODAY of Danarius. “He’s a good big brother. He’s a tough-playing kid and you’d never think he came out 2 pounds, 1 ounce.”


(Source: Danesha Couch) Danarius at 2.

After a brief stint of being an only child, Danarius would be blessed with a set of sisters. On May 29, 2015, after 29 weeks of pregnancy, Delilah and Davina were born. Not long after, two Danesha gave birth to two more daughters! Dalanie and Darla were born on June 17 at 33 weeks with no complications.

Danesha claims that each and every pregnancy was unique in its own way and that each brought its own mixed bag of emotions. During her first pregnancy, she was only a high school student, which left her feeling fearful and anxious about her future.

After the loss of her child, and some time to cope, she was engaged to her now fiancee Jeffrey Presler. Her second pregnancy, as she claims left her “shocked and kind of hysterical”, but she saw the pregnancy as a second chance to be a mum to twins.

“I figured my first time, losing a child, maybe that was God’s way of saying you’re not ready yet,” Danesha says.

By the time of her third pregnancy, Danesha says she was in disbelief. Not because she wasn’t ready or willing, but because she had no idea that someone could have that many twins! “This is going to be crazy, but we got this,” is what she said at the time of her ultrasound.

“I said to [Jeff], ‘It’s time to put on our parenting pants and step it up because we’ve got more coming,'” Couch recalls. “I felt like a freak of nature,” she added. “Everyone I told said that sounds impossible.”

So what’s it like raising that many children? “It has its tough days, that’s no lie,” she admits.

However, she has little to be bored with. According to her, all of her children supply endless entertainment with their unique personalities. They’re like the ingredients in “a big pot of gumbo,” she says, and each new day is a mystery.

davina and delilah

(Source: Danesha Couch) Twin daughters Davina and Delilah

“It reminds me of a suspenseful movie,” she claims. “It keeps you on your toes and it keeps you guessing but it definitely keeps me out of trouble, to have babies of my own to take care of.”


Being a mum to five young children is not easy, but Couch says it’s worth it.

“I’ve got people to look up to me,” she said, “people that I know that I can love unconditionally and I can get that love back.”

“My children are my heart,” she said. “They’re my life, and I wouldn’t change my life.”

This story was originally covered by TODAY


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