Calling all Hot Wheels fans to Sunway Putra Mall this school holidays

Calling all Hot Wheels fans to Sunway Putra Mall this school holidays

Sunway Putra Mall is hosting the Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted event this August during the school holidays. Join in the fun!

With the August school holidays just around the corner, parents, it’s time to start planning as many activities as possible to keep the kids entertained! What better way to do that than to join in on the fun at the Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted event happening at Sunway Putra Mall’s main concourse from now until 18 August. 

If your child is a fan of Hot Wheels, then this is an event not to be missed. With hundreds of toy cars on display and for sale, it is going to make every toy car lover’s dreams come true! 

school holidays Join the super exciting Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted event happening at Sunway Putra Mall main concourse from 2-18 August.

Beyond the display and toys for sale, parents can spend precious bonding time with their kids by joining in the various challenges set up at the event. 

Not only do you get to pique your child’s interest in cars, you also get to revisit your childhood by joining them in the challenges. 

Beyond entertainment, it’s educational too!

school holidays Engage your child in a basic physics challenge as they use their Hot Wheels cars to knock down a tower of plastic cups in the Experimental Challenge.

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted goes beyond just keeping the kids entertained. Each round of challenges also connects with children on an educational level and pushes boundaries. The edu-tainment event hopes to nurture a ‘Challenger Spirit’ by encouraging the kids to try, fail, try again and succeed. 

As today's parents are focused on finding products and services that help their children grow and develop, Hot Wheels provides help to kids to build the skills and confidence they need to take on the world. 

These challenges are aimed at children from 4-12 years of age. During the launch of the event, kids of all ages tried the challenges and it’s interesting to see how kids of different ages are able to tackle these challenges with their own methods. 

The delight on their faces when they successfully finish a challenge is a testament to how confidence can be built via mini-challenges such as the ones Hot Wheels have set up. 

There are three challenges not to be missed in this exciting school holiday event at Sunway Putra Mall. First is the Experimental Challenge (Hit-The-Target), where children are tested on their aim and basic knowledge in physics. Using Hot Wheels cars and a track, children are tasked to aim their cars at a tower of plastic cups piled up a couple of feet away. 

school holidays Get your child to test their physical boundaries in the Competitive Challenge.

The next is the Competitive Challenge (Overcome-The-Obstacles), which will test physical boundaries and Creativity Challenge (Slide-With-Car), which focuses on expanding their mental capacity. 

Parents can get a “Little Engineers Passport Card” to collect stamps from each Challenge once it is completed and be a certified Little Engineer for Hot Wheels. How adorable! 

school holidays Finish off the trifecta with the Creativity Challenge and collect all three stamps to be a certified “Little Engineer”!

For parents who want to take it a step further, the Triceratops Challenge is an exclusive challenge only made available for those who register for the Putra Junior Club. The challenge will take place only on 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th August at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. 

Join the Putra Junior Club during the school holidays

school holidays Join the Putra Junior Club!

To sign up for the Putra Junior Club membership, all parents have to do is head down to the Concierge Counter, ground floor of Sunway Putra Mall and register any time from 10AM-1oPM daily.

The Putra Junior Club is a loyalty club by Sunway Putra Mall and welcomes all kids from age 4-12. Members will get exclusive invitations to future events, fun activities and more. Members also get to enjoy attractive offers and discounts at selected outlets. 

school holidays Don't forget to check out the great deals for Hot Wheels toys when you head to the Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted event at Sunway Putra Mall from 2-18 August.

For more information on the Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted event, visit the website here.

More fun and activities at Sunway Putra Mall

school holidays Come join the fun at Sunway Putra Mall this school holidays.

That’s not all! The fun continues at the East Wing, Ground Floor of Sunway Putra Mall with The Parenthood’s array of kids activities, including arts and crafts and a Petting Zoo area with rabbits. 

school holidays Do your kids love animals? Bring them to the petting zoo area organised by The Parenthood at Sunway Putra Mall.

Don’t miss out on all these fun activities at Sunway Putra Mall this August school holidays! See what other parents who have dropped by are saying:

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What are you waiting for? Join in the fun at Sunway Putra Mall and don't forget to hashtag #SunwayPutraMall! 

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