The clueless mum’s guide to back-to-school shopping

The clueless mum’s guide to back-to-school shopping

December is practically retail therapy month for most of us, but when it comes to back-to-school shopping, it’s a whole different story altogether. It may be easy peasy for seasoned parents, but if you’re a newbie in this challenge, it might just be a little too overwhelming for you. But fret not, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a complete back-to-school shopping guide for you. Shopping bags ready? Let’s go!

Going back-to-school shopping with children during holiday season? Oh dear. The packed shopping malls, long queues and endless store-hopping with overstimulated little ones right, left and center can be a nightmare for any parent. And shopping for school supplies is serious business. You can’t miss anything or else, you’ll have to plan for another outing (eeep!). So wouldn’t it be nice to have just one place where you can do your back-to-school shopping, ever so happily? Oh wait, there is such a place indeed.

Mums and dads, welcome to Tesco.

back-to-school shopping

Tesco truly understands every parent’s dilemma about back-to-school shopping. They feel you and they’re happy to be your one-stop destination for all sorts of back-to-school needs!

 Must-Buy Back-to-School Items

 We promised you a complete shopping guide, so here you go:

back-to-school shopping1. Wearables

It’s always a good idea to purchase a size larger, as school children often go through growth  spurts. Remember to get at least two sets of uniforms, or as many as you need for your laundry rotation.

a. School uniform

  • Get up to 30% off on AP and AP Plus uniforms. Collared white shirt as low as RM8.33
  • Movern Belt (flat price RM5)

b.School shoes

  • Fabric and Croc Primary School Shoes RM12.90/pair (flat price RM5)
  • 70% off on selected ASADI shoes

c. School socks

  • Children’s 3-in-1 School Socks (flat price RM5)

2. School bags

Children nowadays are hunched over due to the weight of their school bags.

Get a trolley bag or a non-woven bag to go with their backpack to distribute the load on your child’s back.

  • Inter-Polo Trolley School Bag RM49.90/unit
  • We Bare Bears non-woven bag RM3.50/ unit

3. Stationery

  • Tesco 3-in-1 Arch Files RM5.90 per set
  • Tesco ball pen 0.7 Blue/Black/Assorted 4s TBP-318R RM1.10/set
  • Faber-Castell Stationery Set RM15.00/set
  • Eva Pencil Case Assorted Designs RM29.80/unit
  • 286 X-Shock 2B Pencil Box 12s RM9.45/pack or BUY 2 for RM8

4. Accessories

- Water tumbler

- Hair bands, hair clips etc.

- Food containers and lunch boxes

back-to-school shopping

Don’t these jaw-dropping prices make you just want to drop everything and dash to Tesco right now?

Smart Shopping Tips

Now that you’ve got your shopping list ready, it’s time to prep yourself and the children for a fun shopping trip! Here are some tips for you to avoid overspending and unwanted drama at the mall:

  • Stick to your shopping list

No matter what your heart tells you, check off all mandatory items first before you spend on extra ones.

  • Prep your children in advance

Let your children know that this is strictly a back-to-school shopping trip. Give them their own shopping lists, so at the same time, you can also teach them about financial responsibility.

  • Go for quality

Some items may be pricier than others, so be sure to get the best value for your money. It’s okay to spend a little more on good quality school attire as they’ll most likely last longer.

  • Avoid rush hour crowds

We recommend weekday mornings, when most people are at work, or Sunday mornings because #lazySunday.

  • Grab discounts and special deals

Tesco is currently offering big discounts on selected back-to-school items, including uniforms! Need we say more?

Hassle-Free Shopping for the Whole Family

You’ll surely have an enjoyable shopping experience at Tesco with your family as it offers a wide range of good quality products at affordable prices. Also, Tesco has literally everything else you need to shop in comfort! If you feel like taking a break from shopping, there are many places to refuel with yummy snacks or even delicious meals. There are also baby rooms and prayer rooms for your convenience.

It’s time to get back-to-school shopping done in style! Let’s shop smart, enjoy hassle-free shopping and grab amazing back-to-school deals at Tesco today!

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