Start your day strong with protein from milk

Start your day strong with protein from milk

Ready to start your day strong?

After sleeping for 8 to 12 hours, waking up to a hearty and nutritious breakfast – one that will give you sufficient energy to take on the day – is very important. But how do you include all of these nutrients in one meal?

Pair a glass of milk at breakfast helps to fulfil the nutrient needs of your body. While milk is a great source of calcium, there’s more to it than that.

Beyond strengthening your bones, milk is an excellent source of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient that your body cannot create on its own, and unlike fat, it cannot be stored in the body for future use. Protein needs to come from an outside source, and it needs to be taken daily. A daily glass of milk will make up a good source of your daily protein requirement.

The Benefits of Milk: Packed with Protein

benefits of milk

Protein is necessary in everyone’s daily diet because it’s a building block for the body and muscles.1 It protects and helps repair the body, and keeps it running smoothly throughout the day.

Compared to other sources of protein, the protein found in milk is easier to digest, and contains nine essential amino acids (EAA).2 It’s also one of the most convenient sources of protein, since it's easily available.

Just one glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk at breakfast will help you meet more than 50% of your protein needs at breakfast — so start your day strong with a glass of milk!

Are You Up for the #dutchladybreakfastchallenge?

benefits of milk

Join the  #dutchladybreakfastchallenge online contest from 8 October to 11 November and stand a chance to win exciting prizes worth more than RM35,000 including a unique breakfast experience! Follow these simple contest mechanics:

Step 1: Upload a picture of how you pair your breakfast with Dutch Lady PureFarm milk. You need to feature breakfast according to the theme given during the contest period:

  •  Quick Grab – from 8 to 19 Oct
  •  Easy Feast – from 20 to 28 Oct
  • Fave Brekkie – from 29 Oct to 11 Nov

Step 2: Post with hashtags #dutchladymy #strongstart #dutchladybreakfastchallenge

Step 3: Set your post as public

Stand to win these amazing prizes:

1 x Grand Prize: 3 days and 2 nights at Pangkor Laut Resort with a unique breakfast  experience worth more than RM 19,000,  RM2,000 shopping voucher and a Dutch Lady Strong Start Box.

10 x winners for each breakfast theme: RM500 shopping voucher and a Dutch Lady Strong Start Breakfast Box.

benefits of milk

For more information, please visit Dutch Lady Malaysia Facebook at or



1 Role of dairy protein for developing countries, 2017. Jan Steijns.

2 Protein, calcium and phosphorous for bone and muscle health. Global Development Nutrition, FrieslandCampina Development Centre AMEA.

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