The Lazy Mum’s Guide to Leading a Healthier Life

The Lazy Mum’s Guide to Leading a Healthier Life

With the right air conditioning system, you can make healthy living effortless.

Here’s a little secret many mums are not going to admit to - but the fact that you clicked on this article means you agree: Mummies can get lazy too!

We’re not lazy when it comes to giving our children the best, but sometimes we look at other mums and wonder, how do they juggle everything.

One of the things that many mummies feel guilty about is a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy seems like a lot of hard work.

It means buying organic food for the kids, preparing it in the most healthy manner possible, all while ensuring the house is in tip top condition. How exhausting.

But it doesn’t have to be. A healthy lifestyle can be easy and passive. We’re going to let you in on that secret here. This is all you really need to lead a healthier life at home:

1. Adopt A Healthier Attitude

The Lazy Mum’s Guide to Leading a Healthier Life

Does it really begin with us? Yes, it does! Our children look at us as role models everyday and their behaviour tends to mimic ours.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not just about being physically active and eating clean. It is also about that mindset!

You can still be a lazy mum (we’re not judging), but all you have to do is put a positive spin on things.

Got dishes piled up and don’t know where to start? Instead of becoming frustrated, try to turn it into a fun chore. Turn on some music, get the kids to dance along with you as you do the dishes together.

It isn’t “lazy” if it’s delegating, right?

2. Do Everything With A Smile
The Lazy Mum’s Guide to Leading a Healthier Life

Again, health is not just about the physical but also emotional and mental. Every time you smile, your brain recognises it and immediately starts producing endorphins or happy hormones.

Children see a smiling parent and they will also learn to smile more, resulting in a happier, healthier household.

Also, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to smile, so even the laziest of parents can do this!

3. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

The Lazy Mum’s Guide to Leading a Healthier Life

We bet when you first opened this article, you thought it would be a bunch of hacks for the household. Read on, we promise there’s a super easy hack that many parents can practice for healthier living at home!

But before we get there, here’s another tip to kickstarting your healthier lifestyle - mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness and meditation enables us to live in the present. Just by using simple breathing exercises, we can return our focus to the present and be in the moment. 

Many times we’re always rushing and on-the-go, that we forget to stop and smell the roses (in other words, appreciate the little things in life). It is a simple to do, yet its health benefits are deep and far-reaching. It also helps us become better parents to our little ones. 

4. Clean Air At Home
The Lazy Mum’s Guide to Leading a Healthier Life

This is the ultimate lazy hack for parents who want to live a healthier lifestyle at home -- clean air! On top of the daily pollution that we face, sometimes we also have to worry about the haze. Not to mention, the children’s allergies!

But this all can be solved at home by simply breathing in clean air! 

It is as simple as installing an air conditioning system at home that can protect the whole family from allergens, dust, bacteria growth and viruses. 

Panasonic’s X Premium Inverter Series air conditioning system is a revolutionary air purification system that can do just that. It cleans the air in your home while you’re sleeping, while improving the quality of air that we breathe in. On top of that, this complete air conditioning system is also energy-saving and friendly for the environment!

But the best part has got to be its wireless controls over the network. Now you can manage an entire air conditioning system from your phone. All you have to do is download the app and install the network adaptor and you can easily manage the system from anywhere. 

The app can control 20 units per location and up to 10 different locations. If that isn’t effortless healthy living, I’m not sure what is!

When you combine all the tips mentioned above, you might find that living healthier isn’t as hard as you initially thought it would be.

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