Best Apps For New Mums

Best Apps For New Mums

Becoming a new mum is both exciting and terrifying. Fortunately, in our tech-saturated world of today, there are lots of apps that are a great help.

Becoming a new mum is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. So many questions raced through my mind the minute I learnt I was expecting and it seemed like there was so much information to wade through.

Fortunately, in our tech-saturated world of today, there are lots of apps that are a great help. From tracking the size of your growing belly to tracking contractions, to keeping tabs on nursing and milestones, here are some great apps you can download:

#1 theAsianparent Community

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theAsianparent Community is a platform for mums and dads for anything parenting. Ask a question, and the growing community of experts, parents and parents-to-be will share their experiences.

There are also live sessions with parenting experts. If you have a sensitive question you can post anonymously. You can also share your cute baby pictures with the Photo Booth feature.

#2 The Bump


The Bump is free (yay!) and designed for expecting parents and newborns.Week-by-week checklists ensure that you’re on top of things and you can easily keep track of photos of your bump, as well as the all-important contraction tracker that's really handy when THAT time arrives.

There’s plenty to read and research on how to keep mother and baby-to-be happy and healthy, all organised in a clean, easy-to-navigate interface.

Baby Bundle 


Offering a little bit of everything, Baby Bundle makes it easy to monitor your baby’s daily activities like eating, sleeping, diaper changes and vaccinations.

There’s a what to expect guide, an interactive forum and parenting guide available for advice.with a brand new update just out, it now does one more thing: It allows multi-child functionality so you can keep track of more than one child at a time!

Hell'o Baby 


Giving you a place to keep all your precious memories, Hell’o Baby is an easy-to-use interactive baby album. You can easily add content, such as photos, videos, or audio, and then share it with your loved ones. The app also offers up a place to insert memories such as your baby’s first words or steps.

Baby Monitor 3G


This one is pretty pricey at $3.99 but if you have an additional iOs device and would like to keep a real close eye on your little one, you can consider it an investment. You can hear every sound, see live video, and even talk to your baby remotely to soothe them. It’s easy to use and works via Wi-Fi and 3G, meaning you’re never out of range.

Ada isu keibubapaan yang buat anda risau? Jom baca artikel atau tanya dan dapat terus jawapan dalam app theAsianparent kami! Download theAsianparent Community di iOS dan Android sekarang!


Hanna Lee

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