#ReinventLearning with the HP 3775 All-In-One Printer and the kids

#ReinventLearning with the HP 3775 All-In-One Printer and the kids

One simple gadget is all it takes to reinvent your kids’ learning. Find out how one dad revolutionised both family bonding time and home education

Lately, I’ve taken the chance to spend some quality time with the kids. With never-ending work duties, I’m not always at home; hence when I do have the chance, I am always on the lookout for parent-child bonding moments. Usually we spend time together building with blocks, or catching educational shows on TV, but this time around, we did something totally different!

#ReinventLearning with the HP 3775 All-In-One Printer and the kids

#ReinventLearning with the best HP printer for home use

Getting good educational materials online is a breeze, but getting it in printed form can be a hassle. I’m also very much aware that spending too much time staring at  a monitor, iPad or smartphone screen isn’t good for the eyesight. So when I found out about the HP 3775 All-In-One Printer, I thought to myself, this is IT!

Here are three ways this clever printer made a difference to my kids’ learning and our bonding time.

best hp printer for home use

 HP 3775 All-In-One Printer with Wi-Fi capabilities

1. Always Participate in Children’s Learning Moments

We cannot always be there at home, our children’s kindergarten, or school. So I try to give them things to do when I am not around. During the recent holidays, I took the chance to print out some very cool learning materials, direct from my smartphone via Wi-Fi to the HP 3775 All-In-One Printer.

Even when I am physically not present, my mind is at ease knowing my kids are having fun, and learning while they’re at it.

2. Easy to Set up and Operate

The HP 3775 All-In-One Printer is such a breeze to set up. At a press of a button, we could literally print anything from the internet – in this case, some English learning materials.

best hp printer for home use

Print A+ quality wirelessly anytime and help your child shine!

3. Change How We Think About Learning

#ReinventLearning with HP. What an apt phrase, “Reinvent Learning” is. I first heard about this effort from HP through their Little Makers programme, and it was an eye opener.

The kids were in awe when they saw how the printer “magically” churned out what was previously on my iPhone screen, and transformed it into real-life, colourful content! With this printer, we could get creative, download and print anything and everything!

best hp printer for home use

#ReinventLearning with HP

HP Little Makers Challenges

Now that you’ve seen how I utilised the HP 3700 series to expand on my kids’ creativity and learning, let me share with you HP Little Makers Challenges.

This fun and educational programme provides  challenges for children to put their heads together and make amazing creations. And when you join the HP Little Makers Challenge from Jan 14, 2019 onwards, you also get a chance to win cool prizes!

best hp printer for home use

Tap, Select, Create & Win

Try out all eight of the challenges for a chance to win some awesome prizes. In each challenge, an HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3700 with Original HP Ink cartridge is up for grabs.

How to Participate:

  1. Download the challenges from HP Malaysia by clicking on the Download Challenge button.
  2. Follow the instructions and be as creative as you can!
  3. Upload the completed challenge on your social media account(s).*
  4. Use the following hashtags in your entry: #HPMY #HPDeskJet #HPLittleMakers.
  5. Don’t forget to tag @hp_asia if the post is on Instagram AND/OR @HP_Malaysia if it is on Facebook.
  6. In order to win the bi-weekly prizes, participants will need to answer the open-ended question of the week.

Check out HP Little Makers Challenges by clicking on the link here. hp.com/my/littlemakers

best hp printer for home use

The Best HP Printer for Home Use

If you’re one of those people who are ALWAYS connected to a  laptop, don’t worry, there’s always the USB cable. After downloading a simple piece of software, you can get started with printing, scanning and copying files immediately!

With this compact yet powerful inkjet printer, you get great value for money. The printer’s affordable print, scan and copy functions will definitely help your kids to shine in school.

best hp printer for home use

Printing in progress

This is definitely a different learning approach for my children. They are so used to going through textbooks, so with this freedom of literally printing out whatever they fancy, it has reinvented the way they learn! I’m excited, are you?

This is so useful for busy parents like myself, and I even get to print learning materials for my children even though I’m not at home via the HP Smart App! Magical!

#ReinventLearning with the HP 3775 All-In-One Printer and the kids

Thumbs up!

If you have a child, and wish to expand his creativity, this little bundle of joy encourages them to embark on a journey of discovery. Best of all, it gives them a chance to spend quality learning moments with you and the family! I’m so glad I did this, as the quality time spent with both kids was indeed priceless!

Check out the video I did of our experience with the wonderful HP 3775 All-In-One Printer below.

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