#TAPreviews: ComLitOs Educational Toys For Kids

#TAPreviews: ComLitOs Educational Toys For Kids

Introducing puzzles to kids at a young age can really help with their cognitive development.

I think one of the most searched for things on the Internet right now is "how to entertain your kids at home". Due to many countries in the world going into lockdown over the pandemic, schools are closed and parents are working from home. We have never had to spend this much time at home with our kids before and yes, the pressure is on!

Not only are we expected to perform the same at work, we are now expected to entertain our children 24/7! If that is not the definition of insanity, I don't know what is! 

But the silver lining is of course, that we get to spend more time together as a family and watch the kids develop in ways we never could before. 

Personally, I've seen my 4-month old son blossom into a highly-intelligent and rambunctious 14 month-old over the past 10 months. He cannot sit still for even a moment and it's always go go go with him. 

It has been such a pleasure to be able to be around for his first steps, his first words and many of his firsts. I am glad not to have missed a single one of those precious moments. 

The challenge is now trying to keep up with him. In both his physical and mental development, he's moving at lightning speed. That is why we have to suddenly fill our home with plenty of educational toys to keep him adequately stimulated while we try to squeeze work in as much as we can. 

I have bought many books and toys for him and it's a wonder to watch him study every new thing he gets with that childlike curiosity so many of us adults have lost along the way. 

#TAPreviews: ComLitOs Educational Toys For Kids

So when ComLitOs sent over some puzzle sets for him to play with, it definitely came at an opportune time and it was his first time being exposed to puzzles. 

Though at this age, puzzles are still a little too sophisticated for him to put together, it is amazing to see his hungry mind just absorb all the shapes and colours. It's a great size for younger kids because it's quite big and the quality of the piece is very good considering the thickness of the pieces and the texture of it too. 

Since we had been learning about animals for quite a while now, I could see it in his eyes when I took apart the animal puzzles that he knew that it was not supposed to be that way. So the next step I look forward to seeing him take is to realise he can put the pieces back together. 

ComLitOs review: What I like about this ComLitOs puzzle sets

#TAPreviews: ComLitOs Educational Toys For Kids

We got two sets from ComLitOs, which was the Animals of the World First Long Puzzle Set and the Three of a Kind (Colours, Numbers and Shapes). 

Both of these sets can really grow with a child in their cognitive development, addressing their learning needs from learning about colours, shapes and numbers to expanding their vocabulary and honing their problem-solving skills by putting the puzzles back together. 

The three of a kind puzzle set especially tests the ability to identify and group similarities together, which is something children are drawn to at this age. Though he could not match them just yet, he was interested in the colours and shapes and when I said the words to him, he really made an effort to try and repeat what I was saying.

#TAPreviews: ComLitOs Educational Toys For Kids

Though these sets that ComLitOs sent over are for kids below 3, they also have other sets that are suitable for children above 3, including science sets and other brain teasing activities that will surely keep the kids occupied this season. To find out more about ComLitOs and their offerings, do check out their Instagram or Facebook page. 


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