COVID Hotspots vs Dengue Hotspots: Both Are Equally Important

COVID Hotspots vs Dengue Hotspots: Both Are Equally Important

MamyPoko’s new diaper helps to repel mosquitoes - allowing parents to worry less about mosquitoes around their kids.

When COVID-19 hit, everyone started panicking about the virus. Until today, it is one of the biggest concerns parents have. Even more so because our little ones are not encouraged to wear masks (due to possible breathing obstruction and the inability to communicate to us if they are having difficulty breathing, which might lead to them touching their faces more too).

We are staying home more often and many of us are trying to cut down on electricity bills by reducing the use of air-conditioning at home.

This means that we leave the windows open quite often with the fan on and as the rainy season is upon us, it also means that there are more mosquitoes spawning. If you don’t have a mosquito net installed at home, this can be risky to your little one.

Dengue season in Malaysia is usually around the rainy season. As such, on top of everything else parents have to worry about, they also have to take dengue season into consideration. 

dengue season in malaysia

Dengue Season In Malaysia: Keeping Track Of The Hotspots

There is so much focus on the COVID-19 hotspots, but we must not forget the dengue hotspots too. 

There are quite a few hotspots for mosquitoes to breed that we might not be aware of - many of them in the vicinity of our homes or our daily hangout areas. 

So here are some dengue hotspots you might not know about and should avoid during dengue season in Malaysia:

1. Construction sites

If you live near a construction site, there are higher chances of contracting dengue because it is one of the TOP spots for dengue mosquitoes to breed. 

So if you live nearby one, you may have to take extra preventive measures like installing mosquito nets at home or buying mosquito repellent devices to keep your kids safe.

Besides that, we also recommend staying away from these areas and avoid taking walks around construction sites during the dengue season in Malaysia. 

2. Your garden

This should not come as a surprise since the garden is often exposed to the rain and water might collect in an empty flower pot or container somewhere. 

Make sure your garden is completely clear of such items that could collect water and make sure your drain is unclogged so it cannot accumulate stagnant water for mosquitoes to breed. 

Besides that, did you know that tree holes or bamboo can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes? If you have bamboo trees in your garden or any trees with holes, clear them out and maintain them well to prevent breeding grounds from popping up.

dengue season in malaysia

3. Roof guttering

Sometimes the culprit is right above us and we can’t see it… because it’s in the roof! If you live in a landed property and you have roof guttering, be sure to get cleaners to come over to have it cleaned as often as possible. 

This is a spot we often forget and we might wonder where the mosquitoes are coming from. Since most of our bedrooms are also covered by the roof awnings, it can be very easy access for mosquitoes to enter the home.

If you don’t already have mosquito netting, it is also worth investing in them if your house is often infested with mosquitoes.

dengue season in malaysia

4. Discarded toys

Our kids LOVE to go out to play and no matter how many times we pick up after them, there is always a stray toy here and there. 

It could be a basket hanging at the front of their bicycle or a sandcastle mold that they’ve left outside the house, whatever the toy is, it is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes if you’re not careful.

5. Pet water dishes

If you have a pet at home, you will likely have a water bowl for them to drink out of. This is also a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

We recommend switching to a drinking bottle or one of those really cool drinking fountains with running water instead. 

Protecting Your Child From Mosquitoes 

Of course, you can do as much as you can to avoid having those hotspots around your home to protect your little ones from harm. But sometimes, we go out with our kids and we cannot avoid such places. 

Wouldn’t it be better if you could ensure mosquitoes are being repelled from your child? Many parents opt for mosquito repellent stickers, but our children have fast hands that tend to peel those off when we’re not looking. Before we know it, we turn around and the stickers are gone. 

Mosquito repellent spray is often irritating on the nose and the eyes, if it comes into contact. And younger kids tend to touch it and put their hands into their mouths afterward - definitely not the safest option! So what else is there to try?

COVID Hotspots vs Dengue Hotspots: Both Are Equally Important

MamyPoko has come up with an innovative solution to this problem by integrating the mosquito repellent feature into their latest diapers!

The MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diaper will ease your worries about mosquitoes because it is the world’s first anti-mosquito diaper. With its Japanese patented technology, this premium diaper is made with lemongrass extract in microcapsules at the tapes.

So all parents have to do is put on the diaper, and when you stick on the tape, just rub to activate the microcapsules to release the lemongrass extract. This is particularly genius because the tape never comes into contact with the child’s skin!

COVID Hotspots vs Dengue Hotspots: Both Are Equally Important

This diaper has been tested and proven to keep mosquitoes away from the little one. What a perfect invention for Malaysian mums who constantly worry about mosquitoes attacking their little ones.

Of course, this product was made with baby in mind, so it is 100% safe for them. It is deet free and alcohol free. Whether you want to keep the mosquitoes away during your child’s playtime or naptime, this diaper will protect them for hours. 

With MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect, you can enjoy all the same benefits of MamyPoko Extra Dry with powerful absorbency up to 12 hours, and other features such as Speed Airwave to keep baby’s bottom extra dry and 360’ Airflow for preventing stuffy discomfort. All these, and with additional protection against mosquitoes, your baby can enjoy long hours of quality sleep through the night!

Purchase a packet of MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diapers now on Shopee or Lazada or find out more about the product here.

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