Early Nutrition Is Vital for Your Child’s Digestive System! Here’s How To Ensure Your Child Absorbs As Much As Possible

Early Nutrition Is Vital for Your Child’s Digestive System! Here’s How To Ensure Your Child Absorbs As Much As Possible

Lack of sufficient shuteye is a given for experienced and new parents - not only does your life revolve around your child’s feeding schedule, but you’re also worried if they’re getting enough nutrition, or whether they’re crying from hunger or some other discomfort. 

Additionally, you have probably found yourself increasingly concerned about the shade or consistency of their poop! You will soon realise that your child’s tummy health plays a major role in the digestive system for kids and it will determine how smooth your week will go.

In the womb, all necessary nutrients were provided by the placenta. But as soon as the umbilical cord is snipped, their delicate digestive systems kicks into gear - trust us, it is going to take some time before their bowel movements are up and running properly. 

Fret not, here is what you can do to protect and support your child’s digestive system, especially in those first crucial years.

Understanding your child’s gut health

Bear in mind that 80 percent of the immune system resides in their gut. Inside the digestive tract – the large intestine mainly – lives an extremely diverse microbiome of bacteria, fungi and protozoa. These “good” bacteria help with food digestion and regulating the immune system.

So, establishing a healthy and thriving community of disease battling bacteria within our child’s gut is of the utmost importance, especially in the first three years of your child’s life. The bar you set right now, determines the quality of your child’s health for years to come. 

Focus on your child’s diet

As the pancreas is still developing, young children may not produce enough digestive enzymes to break down proteins or complex carbohydrates. This is also the reason parents are discouraged from feeding solids until after six months of age.

Breast milk naturally regulates the digestive system for kids by delivering both prebiotics and probiotics that bolster helpful gut bacteria. 

digestive system for kids

One important tip is to feed your child before he or she becomes frantically hungry. Only burp them when they take a break from feeding to ensure you are not interrupting their rhythm. 

However, if your child is suffering from indigestion, here is another quick tip: Place a warm towel over your child’s stomach and leave it for two to three minutes before removing. You can repeat this several times a day, after feeding sessions. 

Some parents have also advocated fennel oil - you can mix it with your child’s regular massage oil and gently rub around the stomach, as well as navel area. 

digestive system for kids

What about the other alternative - formula milk? 

If you’re opting for formula, Similac Total Comfort makes a compelling promise for better digestion and absorption thanks to pre-digested proteins. 

Scientifically proven to resolve common feeding issues like regurgitation, fussiness and colicky tummies, Similac Total Comfort is also formulated with a Unique Vegetable Oil Blend (UVOB). Not only does this special ingredient help soften stools and avoid constipation, but the unique vegetable oil blend also helps young bodies absorb DHA and retain it for increased brain development. 

Now added with a composition called 2’-FL to support body defense and reduce allergy risk. 2’-FL supports your child’s normal immunity functions so they have less interruptions from sick days. Not to forget the addition of the EyeQ system, that combines Natural Vitamin E, Lutein and DHA that supports brain-eye development. 

digestive system for kids

Remember, having a child that is well-fed and digesting comfortably allows mothers and fathers to savour the many joys of parenthood. 

You will also rest better knowing the nutrients you are providing at this important stage will set the foundation for their future immunity.

To learn more about Similac Total Comfort milk formula, click here for details. Learn more here.

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