DIY Christmas Gifts Toddlers Can Make

DIY Christmas Gifts Toddlers Can Make

Get your kids to make their own Christmas gifts this year!

Christmas is just around the corner. A time of giving and spending meaningful time with family, it is my favourite holiday for the year.

Why not get the kids involved in the spirit of giving this year, by making these simple and easy DIY Christmas gifts? Nothing beats receiving a cute gift that was handcrafted by the kids themselves.

Bow Tie Noodle Wreath Craft for Christmas Card


Materials Needed:


  1. Start by painting all the little bow tie pastas with green paint and sprinkle some green glitter on before it dries.
  2. Alternatively you can coat the pastas using glitter glue directly.
  3. Leave it to dry
  4. Once completely dry, glue them into a circle on a piece of A4 fancy card folded in half.
  5. Tie a bow with a red ribbon and glue it on the bottom of the wreath!

Credit: Crafty Morning

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Stained Glass




Materials Needed:

  • Black Sugar Paper
  • Wrapping Tissue paper in two shades of green
  • Red Crepe Paper or any thin, semi-opaque red paper
  • Clear Sticky Book wrapper (Tesco sells these but I'm pretty sure Popular Book Store sells as well)
  • Star craft punch (you can buy these at any Daiso shop)


  1. Cut out a Christmas tree frame (download a free template)
  2. Cut the two shades of green wrapping paper into random squares
  3. Punch the red paper with the star craft punch
  4. Use the Christmas tree template to cut the sticky book wrappers too. Do not cut out the middle.
  5. Stick the Christmas tree frame on to the book wrapper
  6. Get the kids to start sticking the red star that was punched out earlier in a spread out manner.
  7. Then fill up all the space in the Christmas tree frame with the two shades of green wrapping tissue.
  8. If there are excess wrapping plastic, the older toddlers who know how to handle a pair of scissors can cut them off carefully.
  9. Add a string if you wish to hang these as Christmas deco, or paste them on windows with some double sided tape.


credit : Kindercraze

Large Christmas Star Centre Piece

This has got to be the easiest Christmas Star Centre Piece ever. It is made out of 7 white paper bags and some glue. That's it. Amazing isn't it?

Materials Needed:

7 white paper bags
glue stick
a pair of scissors


  1. Paste the white paper bags, one on top of each other all facing the same way.
  2. Repeat this until all 7 paper bags are used up.
  3. Have an adult cut the sides of the paper bag with the scissors until it forms a sharp triangle. The kids may not be able to cut this themselves because it is quite thick.
  4. Open the paper bag up and it would form a beautiful centre piece star. Glue the ends together.
  5. Add some strings to hang it up.

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