Food Delivery from Sunway Pyramid: Just ‘Order & Collect’ Your Family Meals from Multiple Retailers in ONE DELIVERY!

Food Delivery from Sunway Pyramid: Just ‘Order & Collect’ Your Family Meals from Multiple Retailers in ONE DELIVERY!

The best choice nowadays is to just stay at home because all your cravings can come to you.

Being able to stay at home with your family is a luxury, however, at times you may not feel like whipping up a meal. So, why not order in?

Although malls have reopened their doors, there are times when families may choose to stay at home instead of eating out. With many businesses offering alternatives, such as online purchases and home deliveries, it is now easier for families to shop or feast on their favourite foods. 

With that, Sunway Pyramid has launched ‘Order and Collect’ in a bid to cater to the food cravings from 40 participating outlets within the popular mall – they will deliver it to your doorstep and you can order from multiple outlets in just one delivery! 

food delivery service

In collaboration with MatDespatch, Sunway Pyramid now helps shoppers enjoy food from multiple retailers in one delivery for added convenience.

The food delivery service will begin with Sunway Pyramid outlets and is slated to launch in other Sunway Malls throughout this year, as well as in 2021. 

Meanwhile, here is what you need to know and how you can get food delivery service from Sunway Pyramid. 

Easy food delivery service  – just order and collect at home

The service, which runs until 17th July 2021 (yes, next year!), will allow customers to order food delivery service from various food and beverage outlets within the mall. MatDespatch has been assigned as the delivery partner and they have assured that all orders will be in accordance with strict safety, as well as hygiene practices. 

“The expansion of this ‘Order and Collect’ system is to provide added convenience to shoppers as we slowly ease into recovery and other lifestyle services that they have come to know and love. This way, they can still have the Sunway Malls experience in their homes, and support our retailers at the same time,” said Sunway Pyramid’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Tan. 

With this new platform on the Sunway Pyramid website, you can now order that hearty bowl of noodles you probably craved to snacks you can share with your family during movie night. 

food delivery service

Shoppers can order a wide variety of food and beverages from participating retailers on the Sunway Pyramid website.

The participating food outlets include Genki Sushi, Village Roast Duck, Krispy Kreme, TGI Fridays, Wagyu More, Ippudo Ramen, Putien, The Alley, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack, Garrett Popcorn and more. Gourmet food and beverage retailers from Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa will be added to the list soon. 

So, how can you make your order?

Ordering is simple – it works the same as other food delivery platforms! Here are the steps:

  1. Head to their website (
  2. Click on “ORDER & COLLECT” and choose from any retailer listed
  3. Make your order and have your food delivered to you!

However,  deliveries are currently only available within the Klang Valley. As for delivery rates, charges start from RM7 and increase based on the customer’s location – fret not, shopping rates are shown at checkout. 

It is advised to place your order an hour in advance to allow time for food preparation and delivery. 

Settle your family’s lunch or dinner with bundle meals 

Various retailers offer bundle meals which include a spread of multiple food and drinks within one price – a convenient choice as you will get enough to satisfy everyone. These bundle meals can serve up to four people and as little as two pax!

Outlets with bundle meals include  Kenny Rogers Roasters, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, An Viet, Johor Mini Steamboat, Ippudo and Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant

Sunway Pyramid is offering FREE delivery in the first month

Sunway Pyramid is offering a special treat for those who use the food delivery service on ‘Order and Collect’. 

food delivery service

Claim your free delivery when you spend within the first month.

For those who use the ‘Order and Collect’ service within the first month, you can enjoy free delivery until 26 July 2020. This free delivery is redeemable when you spend a minimum of RM20. Additionally, you will also receive 5x Sunway Pals points and an RM5 promo code off your bill!

Just a quick note – the Sunway Pyramid website platform also offers some shopping retailers so you can also make purchases from the comfort of your home too! So, what are you waiting for? 

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