Why Knowing Where Your Milk Comes From Is So Important

Why Knowing Where Your Milk Comes From Is So Important

With Friso Gold® TrackEasy, parents can rest easy knowing where the milk they purchased is coming from.

Mums, we’re often known to take charge, right? We take charge of our child’s schedules, their diets and not to mention, all of the household chores.

This includes shopping for the family and buying essentials. But before we go out and buy our weekly necessities for the family, we always do our research.

One of the things that we spend most time researching would be the choice of formulated milk powder for children to be assured that we are making the best choice for kids. In the process, do we always succumb to the different fortified nutrients bombarded our way. Highest in something, most in something else?

A recent study done* shows that Malaysian mums are looking more into the quality control going into the milk manufacturing process as well as where their milk is coming from.

In fact, the study also indicated that there is a rising global concern when it comes to food source transparency. Due to incidents in the past, parents worry about milk authenticity and safety. There is demand from parents for brands to educate the public more about the milk authenticity, safety and quality.

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Source: Friso Gold

Every parent needs to be reassured that the product they are purchasing is authentic, safe and of good quality. They want to know that the milk their children are consuming comes from a reputable source while maintaining a high level of nutritional value.

Milk Source & Manufacturing Process: Important Contributing Factors to Product Quality

The fact is, many parents assume that all popular milk brands are imported from Western countries. However, this is not always the case. Often, milk goes through a double manufacturing process in countries such as Thailand or Singapore, rather than a single manufacturing process from a single origin.

Double manufacturing processes can potentially compromise the quality of nutrients due to the double heat treatment that nutrients are exposed to.

That is why, Friso Gold®, 100% produced and packed in the Netherlands, believes that good quality milk is best achieved from grass to glass, through a single manufacturing process coupled with LocNutri™ Technology’s mild heat treatment. Natural nutrients are preserved so that it’s easy to digest and promotes stronger inside. With over 11,000 farms in the Netherlands, Friso Gold® has the advantage of taking the best of nature and making it better with science through a single manufacturing process.

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Source: Friso Gold

Reassurance with TrackEasy Milk Traceability System

Friso Gold® has taken a step ahead by enabling parents to trace the full journey of its milk from source via the TrackEasy Milk Traceability system available in the form of a QR code at the bottom of their tins.

The Friso Gold® TrackEasy Milk Traceability System is the first and only in the industry, with smart packaging innovation to help parents track the full journey of the milk from its source to deliver the best nutrition to their children.

This way, parents are able to see exactly where their milk is coming from, where it goes for its manufacturing process, before it is packaged and exported to Malaysia.

friso gold trackeasy

Source: Friso Gold

To learn more about the Friso Gold® TrackEasy Milk Traceability System, join in the official virtual launch of Friso Gold® TrackEasy Milk Traceability System on 20 June, 10pm via Friso Gold® Malaysia’s YouTube and Facebook. Save the date now and we’ll see you there!

Meanwhile, you can also learn more about Friso Gold® TrackEasy here. Friso Gold® milk products are available on Shopee at and Lazada.

Or get your FREE sample here today. 

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