Fun Kid Projects: Make Your Own Slime

Fun Kid Projects: Make Your Own Slime

Bring on the slime!

I’m sure all of you know by now that my holy grail for everything is Pinterest. I know, I’m so predictable.

We were due for dinner with some close friends and their kids at Ah Tuan Ee’s Place in SS2. It is a quiet and homey restaurant serving awesome Nyonya food with not a lot of running space for 3 active kids. Also, the restaurant is not in a mall. It’s not like we can take the kids for a walk if they get restless.

Two Things

  1. I wanted to be able to enjoy my food
  2. I needed the kids to behave without having to pull out the tablet

So I stumbled upon this on Pinterest which I thought would be a fun project to do. Plus point, that the kids can play with it on another table because it is quite mess free. Anyhoo, which kid doesn’t like a little squidgey slime. All that lovely squishing and sensory play.

Not only is it Borax free, it is also edible. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it

You Will Need

slime 3-1

  • 1/4 cup Basil seeds
  • 16 oz CornstarchFun Kid Projects: Make Your Own Slime or cornflour which is approximately 454gm. I went ahead and just bought the 4oogm one
  • 2 1/2 cup of Water
  • Food coloring just a couple of drops (optional – I used Apple Green)

Steps to Making the Slime

1.Measure 1/4 cup of basil seeds into a bowl

slime 3-3

2.Add the whole packet of 500gm cornflour into the bowl, because I can’t be bothered with the difference. Mix the basil seeds and flour together. Get your kids to do this

slime 3-4

3.Choose your slime colour

slime 3-5

4.Add a couple of drops of the food colouring into the water and stir

slime 3-6

5. Put on some gloves if you don’t want the food colouring to stain your hands or your kids hands. Add the coloured water into your dry mix a little at a time, bearing in mind you are using slightly less flour than the recipe. Knead it until it forms a slime like bread dough. Over the span of 5 minutes, the seeds will begin to absorb the water and it will begin to thicken the mixture.  If you find any clumps of seeds while kneading, break them up with your fingers.  Once the slime is completely uniform feeling – your slime is DONE!

slime 3-7

6. Keep your slime in a ziplock bag when not in play to keep it from drying.

slime 3-8


The resulting slime wasn’t as slime like and messy as shown in the website, which I thought was a blessing in disguise, because how then could I explain to the owner we’ve ruined her table cloth. The texture is that of a softer sludgier dough without much mess.

Needless to say, with the prospect of gloop playing, the kids sat quietly to play at another table in the corner, while the parents enjoyed some uninterrupted time catching up with each other over awesome food. At very little cost and so little effort, do give this a try and let me know what you think!

slime 1

3 very slime preoccupied kiddos (image used with permission)


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