5 Smart & Educational Gifts for Kids

5 Smart & Educational Gifts for Kids

Early learning is crucial in children, so why not swap out a typical toy for something educational that will benefit them in the future?

Christmas is probably a kid’s favourite holiday as they are spoiled with gifts from all of their family. However, if you haven’t had the time to pick out a present for the toddlers and young children, it’s not too late – we have the perfect gift guide for you. 

Although we may be tempted to spoil them with fun toys, opt for a thoughtful gift that can benefit their abilities instead. Remember, these early days are crucial as they provide a foundation for their future skills and development. 

So, here are five gifts for kids ideas that are fun, encourage learning and help develop important skills! 

1.  Storybooks

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Reading and storytelling shape your child’s abilities such as understanding different cultures, learning new languages, identifying while triggering their imagination and curiosity. Books are the easiest, affordable and most accessible gifts for kids, depending on which storybook you choose as they cater to children of all ages – little tots can enjoy picture books, while the older kids can read into an adventure that teaches them valuable life lessons. 

Furthermore, picture books have been identified to be an important source of a new language, concepts and lessons as it allows the transfer of the information they gather from the books into the real world

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 2. Building Blocks

Building blocks make great gifts for kids especially toddlers and young children – there are large versions made for the younger children and more advanced sets that the big kids will enjoy. While they make fun playtime tools, early childhood educators believe that building blocks serve various developmental abilities in children

It encourages problem-solving as they build their vision, imagination, allow self-expression, as well as use critical thinking such as mathematics when they understand concepts such as length, measurements and estimations. 

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 3. Art set

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Art is a common school subject with good reason – it creates a learning environment as they have fun with colours and play with their imagination. These simple activities using items such as a paint set, colouring pencils, or merely pencil and paper allow children to develop various skills. 

Motions associated with art such as using a paintbrush mould their motor skills, while art can also give them the opportunities to develop their language with simple colours, shapes or actions. Additionally, art can also encourage inventiveness and cultural awareness.

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 4. Coin Bank

Coin banks, or commonly known as piggy banks, teach kids the value of money and saving. Research has highlighted that wealth management is an important skill for young children as it benefits them when they grow up

Children are still grasping the concept of money, which is why a coin bank is a useful and educational gift. Instead of just giving them what they want, parents can teach their kids to earn and save for the things they want to buy. Plus, coin banks these days are made in various shapes, sizes and even characters so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from that will interest them. 

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 5. Plasticine or modelling clay 

Playing with clay develops abilities similar to that when playing with building blocks – it nurtures their coordination, builds strength in their arms, improves their fine motor skills and more

 The best part of it is that it is purely up to their imagination – they can create figures, animals or even, food. These days there are sets that come with extra tools to fuel their creativity, such as an ice cream mould or a shape maker!

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5 Smart & Educational Gifts for Kids

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