This grandpa bought his granddaughter a gigantic teddy bear, melts the internet's heart

This grandpa bought his granddaughter a gigantic teddy bear, melts the internet's heart

And the Grandpa of the Year award goes to…

Baby Madeline Jane is 5 months old and is absolutely adorable. It’s no wonder that her grandfather, 46-year-old Daniel Gonzalez, is completely taken with her.

He bought his granddaughter an 8-foot-tall teddy bear, and the photos are too cute!

grandfather teddy bear

Just look at that face!

grandfather teddy bear

A Costco worker, he posted a photo on Facebook of himself hamming it up in front of a shipment of insanely large teddy bears, as ABC News reports.

“Maddie needs one of those,” commented Madeline’s mom, Sabrina Gonzalez. The 24-year-old mom was joking, but she underestimated the affection of the doting grandfather. 15 minutes later, he was sending her photos of him loading the bear on his truck.

With baby Madeline next to it, the 8-foot-tall bear’s ginormous size looks even more ridiculous. Sabrina took some photos of the cute pair and shared them online, prompting the Twittersphere to go absolutely bonkers.

Read more about how Maddie reacted to meeting the bear on the next page.

How did Maddie react to meeting the big bear? “She was shaking, lighting up, super happy,” her mom told ABC News. “She was amazed at how big it was. I put him up to her face and she wanted to keep touching it.”

"To be honest, I just bought it to put a smile on my granddaughter's face," Daniel told People. "I didn't even think she would react to it the way she did when she first saw it, being only 5 months and all. I'm sure there are thousands of grandparents doing the same thing, just wanting to make their kids and grandkids smile.”

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