Baby Ambrosia - Homecooked Baby Food In KL

Baby Ambrosia - Homecooked Baby Food In KL

Thank goodness for homecooked baby food in KL to save busy mummies!

Full-time working mothers, we don't know about you, but after a long work day, you come home and you still have a mountain of chores to do. The last thing on your mind is figuring out how to cook healthy meals for you little one. 

The buying of fresh ingredients. The washing. The chopping. The pureeing. And not to mention the washing. 

Do we really need to add on all of those tasks on top of what we already have to do? 

This is exactly how I felt with my bub turned 6 months old and it was time to start him on solids. 

I looked at friends' Instagram stories and wondered how they had the energy to cook meals for their kids after a long day at work. I really didn't have it in me. So, I turned to packet foods that I bought from overseas (after shipping, each packet would cost me almost RM15 each). 

Since it said it was organic on the packet, it gave me some reassurance that I could give it to my son without worrying. 

While this worked out well for a while, I also realised that he didn't have much variation with textures. The packet foods were pureed to a watery form and he didn't learn the "chewing" technique. 

(Baby-led weaning was also out of the question for me as I had little time to clean up afterwards.)

Looking for homecooked food for babies in KL 

baby ambrosia homecooked baby food in kl

Thankfully, it was around my baby's 8 month milestone that I discovered Baby Ambrosia. Better late than never, right? 

They sent over some meals for Jedi to try and the first couple of tries were pretty challenging. He was not used to the textured food and had to take some time to get used to it. 

But after his third meal, he was hooked!

From their vegetable medley to their quinoa, pear and blueberry meals, he was excited for every mealtime. 

Baby Ambrosia - Fresh food for little angels 

baby ambrosia homecooked baby food in kl

The brand has been around for over a decade now, providing babies and toddlers with food that is 100% natural and nutritious. All their food does not contain added sugar or salt.

Since it is made right here in Kuala Lumpur, the food is super fresh too!

I've personally tried all of Jedi's food - packet ones and these ones from Baby Ambrosia. The freshness in these little meals are guaranteed and the flavours are very natural. 

Baby Ambrosia addresses your babies needs from their first foods (single ingredient puree), to mixed flavour purees, to lumpier textures and even chunky meals for toddlers. 

Easy preparation for busy mummies

baby ambrosia homecooked baby food in kl

Baby Ambrosia is designed for the busy mum and also the fussiest of babies. Busy mums, like myself, have little time to take 10 different steps to prepare their child's meal multiple times a day (and mummies, there's no need to feel guilty about this). You can still offer your child the best with meals from Baby Ambrosia. 

It's as simple as heating up the meal (instructions are on each of the pots) and the meals can be kept in your freezer for up to 2 months. 

Though the preparation is not like those supermarket packet foods where you just twist open the cap and squeeze out the meal, it shouldn't take you more than 2-3 minutes to get the food heated up and into your child's bowl. 

I like to use a small pan to heat up the food, which only takes me about 3 minutes at the most to get the food to a nice warm temperature for my baby. 

If you have to use a microwave (which we don't really recommend), a minute would suffice. 

It's a lifesaver for busy mums and it is also easy to prepare if your child is with a caregiver. There are many options for flavours and we find the balance in nutrition to be great for your child as they progress through the ages. 

Show some support to these local homecooked baby food vendors by visiting their store at The Curve or find out more about their locations here.

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