How To Avoid Car Theft

How To Avoid Car Theft

Deter a car theft with these tips

One week ago Actress Rozita Che Wan lost her Toyota Vellfire and valuables when the vehicle was stolen from her condominium parking spot at USJ11 – NST

Despite cracking down on another car theft syndicate earlier in the year, still, 1 car is lost every 24 minutes. Chances are less than 1 out of 10 are recovered and returned to owners.

In a separate case in early May, a Singaporean recovered his stolen car roughly 24 hours after it vanished in Johor Baru on Monday evening. A source told The Straits Times that the 35-year-old paid a four-figure sum in Singapore dollars to a car theft syndicate – Strait Times


Personally, if you ask me, if a thief has set out to rob or steal your car, there really is no stopping the person. The only thing you can do is to make it more difficult for them in hopes they will give up.

#1 Install an alarm system.

#2 Lock all doors and wind up all windows.

#3 Do not leave the keys in the ignition switch.

#4 Do not leave the car running and for goodness sake don’t leave the car running AND the kids in there.

#5 Park in well-lit areas.

#6 Install locks for the steering wheel, clutch, brake and gear

#7 Install a kill switch (On/Off). If someone managed to go inside your car, he cannot start the ignition unless he knows the switch’s location.

#8 Don’t display your bags or valuables in full view. There are too many smash and grab theft at the lights and when you least expect it.

#9 Invest in a shatter proof window film for your ride. Again, smash and grab theft.


#10 Do not share location or too much information publicly on social media to squash any possibility of being targeted.


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