10 Things Mummies Do To Have Calm And Happy Babies

10 Things Mummies Do To Have Calm And Happy Babies

Babies go through some of the hardest times of their lives when they are first born into this world -- that is why they cry so much! Mummies can be really frustrated when this happens. But this can be alleviated with these simple tips.

Mummies, does this scenario sound familiar? Your baby is crying for the umpteenth time in a day. Your household chores are piling up. Your baby is growing increasingly frustrated and so are you!

This is a common situation among new parents. But experienced parents will tell you, this doesn’t ALWAYS have to be the case. 

There are little “hacks” and “secrets” that mummies do to have a calm and happy baby. 

So how to calm baby down when he or she is wailing and griping?

10 Things Mummies Do To Have Calm And Happy Babies

Here are some tips on how to calm baby down from experienced mummies:

1. Breastfeed

Many mummies will swear by this - breastfeeding is the best way to bond with your baby. The healthy relationship you cultivate between the both of you will help them be happier and calmer in the long run.

2. Hold them tight

In the first few weeks to months of the baby’s life, he or she is acclimatising to the new environment and world around them. If your child is fussing and crying, he or she might just need a hug from you.

3. Make them laugh

A happy parent = a happy baby. Laugh a lot with your baby and they will feed off your good mood. Plus, isn’t it a nice bonus to hear them laugh too?

4. Give your child your undivided attention

This might be a little tough - attending to children all day all night can be tiring. But your child doesn’t always demand for attention. He or she might only want a fraction of time during the day. During this time, you should give your child your undivided attention. No playing with your phone or getting distracted with chores!

10 Things Mummies Do To Have Calm And Happy Babies

5. Address their emotions

Babies cry because they are trying to express something. Are they frustrated because they are having a nappy rash? If yes, they have a perfectly valid reason to get upset. Acknowledge your child’s emotions by making sure that you check for every reason they might be upset before writing it off as an unreasonable tantrum. Watch for signs like wet diapers or uncomfortable diapers, for example. 

6. Respond to their cries, don’t ignore them

The “cry it out” method is not something you should practice if it isn’t working for your child. Some babies don’t respond well to this method, while others can really sleep through the night with 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If your baby falls under this category, it is essential that you ensure their comfort for the long duration.

This is where finding the right overnight diaper, like PetPet Tape, for your little one comes into the equation.  When a baby sleeps well throughout the night, they tend to be happier and calmer throughout the day. PetPet Tape boasts up to 10 hours of freshness and dryness for your baby.

10 Things Mummies Do To Have Calm And Happy Babies

7. Co-parent

As much as you can, try to involve your partner in the parenting process. Don’t let yourself or your partner take on too much of a heavy burden when you should be helping each other co-parent. Co-parenting also helps to raise a happy and calm child as they know that the family structure is well balanced.

8. Try a white noise machine

Besides getting a good overnight diaper, what can help a cranky baby sleep better is a white noise machine. The white noise machine can act as a way to get the baby to fall asleep, or simply calm the baby down during a tantrum episode.

10 Things Mummies Do To Have Calm And Happy Babies

9. Use a calm and soothing tone with your child

Children always instinctively take over their parents, so the best way to raise a happy, healthy baby is to adopt the behaviour you want them to mimic.

10. Distract your child with activities that hone their skills

If all else fails, use distraction as a tool for a fussy child. A happy and calm child is one that is distracted doing the things they like! When a child is distracted doing something they like, it’s best not to interrupt them. Using PetPet Pants, which are easy to wear, can keep your active baby happy and calm during the daytime.

10 Things Mummies Do To Have Calm And Happy Babies

Choosing the right diaper is so important in helping you raise a happy and calm child. Use the perfect combination of PetPet Tape and PetPet Pants to keep your child happy and calm all the time.

Purchase PetPet Tape and Pants twin pack today and get a free bamboo fibre bowl or plate!

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