#TAPreview: Huggies Dry Pants with Huggies Dry Xpert Channel Technology

#TAPreview: Huggies Dry Pants with Huggies Dry Xpert Channel Technology

The diaper absorbs really quickly!

I will be the first to admit that I am always worried about trying new diaper brands for my son because he has SUPER sensitive skin. I have tried every diaper under the sun (yes, even those organic ones) and there are only a few brands that he can tahan.

So when we had the opportunity to try the Huggies Dry Pants with Huggies Dry Xpert Channel technology, I was a bit apprehensive at first. But since he turned one, he has been so active and I wanted to let him try pants diapers to see if the would be more comfortable in them (as I noticed he started tearing off his tape diapers). 

Huggies Dry Pants: A New Mum's Review

huggies dry pants review

I decided to try the new Huggies Dry Pants when the second CMCO started because I could really monitor his skin's reaction to the diaper closely. 

He goes through about 4-5 diapers a day typically, because he would cry as soon as his diaper is full. The first thing I noticed with him wearing these diapers was that we dropped the usage down to only 3 diapers per day!

When taking off the diaper, I also noticed that he didn't have that damp feeling on his skin. His clothes were also dry. 

To date, we have not experienced any leakages either. 

huggies dry pants review

My son is about 10kg now and he is wearing size M and it still fits perfectly, despite his little rotund belly. The diaper doesn't leave any marks and he seems to be super comfortable in them, crawling and toddling around the house all day. 

I noticed that he also tugged less at the diaper and does not attempt to remove them. 

During poonami sessions, I was also impressed to find that the diaper held up well. Not a single leak was recorded and yes, it really does absorb everything well. 

huggies dry pants review

We did the absorbency test with the test kit that they sent over and we could see that the new Huggies Dry Pants with Huggies Dry Xpert Channel technology does absorb the wetness quickly. Testing it in real life with the baby, the outcome proved to be the same.

The only thing I felt like could be improved with this diaper is the method of removal and disposal. 

With tape diapers, I am used to taping up the diaper into a neat little ball before throwing it into my diaper bin. If the Huggies Dry Pants came with a tape to neatly seal off for disposal, it would be a lot more convenient. 

There is another method that has gone viral online, which is to tear off the sides of the diaper, then roll up the pants diaper into a ball and use both sides to tie together for neat disposal. This is definitely possible and easy if the diaper isn't soiled with number two!

#TAPreview: Huggies Dry Pants with Huggies Dry Xpert Channel Technology

Overall, I have to say I am quite impressed with this diaper. Though it is the first pants diaper we have tried, we will continue to use it because it did not cause any allergic reactions (no nappy cream needed!), the absorbency was great and we ended up using fewer diapers than before. 

Baby was also very comfortable moving around in it and did not demand for his diapers to be changed as frequently as before.

Get your Huggies Dry Pants sample here today.

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