6 elementary schoolgirls taken to hotel by principal

6 elementary schoolgirls taken to hotel by principal

A principal of an elementary school in China took four of his 6th grade schoolgirls to a hotel, while ensuring that his government official friend had two of his schoolgirls in a different hotel. The girls were found dazed and suffered trauma to their private parts.


Child sexual abuse

Reporters learned that six elementary school girls had been taken to hotel rooms by their headmaster and a government official.

The Wanning City No.2 Elementary School headmaster Chen Moupeng had taken four girls in one hotel, and supplied his friend and Wanning City government staff worker Xiao Zhong, with the other two girls.

The two men have already been arrested by the police.

Six elementary schoolgirls went missing

When the six Hainan province Wanning city Houlang Elementary School sixth grade schoolgirls all went missing on May 8th, teachers and parents searched without success.

On May 9th at 11pm, one of the girls was found at a relative’s home in Haikou. Another three girls were found at a rental house in Haikou Chengxi Town. While the other two girls were found at the Mapo Dazhou Island Holiday Mountain Villa in Wanning Changfeng Town.

Dazed and suffered trauma to their private parts

All six girls had cuts and bruises, and suffered from trauma to their private parts. They were also out of sorts and seemed to be in a daze.

Police looked at surveillance tape that showed the principal going in one room and coming out of the other through the night.

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Identifying sexual molestation

1. Sexual abuse includes any kind of sexual act or behavior with a child, even such as showing porn images to children.

2. Children who are victims of sexual abuse can display many, few or NO behavioral symptoms. They may exhibit aggressive and self-destructive behavior, withdraw from family or friends, experience depression and constant anxiety; OR THEY MAY NOT DISPLAY ANY ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR.

3. Most offenders are known to the child; ANYONE in positions of authority.

4. Children most susceptible to sexual abuse have obedient personalities, and crave affection.

5. Child sexual abuse often goes on for months or years before being detected.

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What action to take to in Malaysia

The Women’s Aid Organisation has this to recommend if you know of a child being sexually abused. Please look up their website listed below to get a detailed list of actions.

- Listen to what your child is telling you and believe her. Statements like "I believe you,” or “It's not your fault," will help the healing.

- Stay calm and be patient

- Let your child tell you about the abuse in his own words - do not press her for details or give her the feeling that you are interrogating her.

- Let your child know how proud you are of her for having had the courage to tell about the abuse.

- Let your child know that she can come to you at any time if she wants to discuss anything else with you.

- Let your child know that you will do everything in your power to keep her safe and make sure that this never happens to her again.



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