How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag for First Time Mummies?

How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag for First Time Mummies?

As a new mum, you wonder, what's the best diaper bag for you? One Malaysian brand actually stood out! Jae Ko Designs is cheap, and 100% customisable!

When I first got pregnant, I started reading up about a lot of baby products. Before long, Google, Facebook and anything I accessed online would start showing me ads about everything to do with babies.

Baby hip seat carriers, strollers, car seats, baby fairs, maternity clothes, cribs, confinement centres, you name it. One of the things I came across rather frequently was also diaper bags.

Of course, I would see generic brand ones sold by Chinese websites. I would also see a lot from Jujube. When I went to do some research for price range, the prices would range anywhere from RM50-RM800! RM800, for a diaper bag!

As a new mum, you wonder then, what’s the difference between a diaper bag and a normal bag. And why the price discrepancies? What is a good amount to spend on a diaper bag?

Difference between a diaper bag and a normal bag

Jae Ko Designs

Here’s what I found from other experienced mummies out there:

  1. Diaper bags are fitted with insulated compartments so you can keep your breast milk/baby’s food warmer for longer.
  2. There are plenty of zippered compartments for you to carry whatever you might need to in a diaper bag.
  3. Diaper bags are waterproof. For obvious reasons.
  4. Diaper bags are also easier to clean. Again, for obvious reasons.
  5. Good diaper bags are currently made so you can evenly distribute the weight and carry it like a backpack so you don’t strain too hard on one side of your body.

So then - why the price discrepancies?

Just like buying any other handbag, price ranges due to quality, features and most importantly, the brand. Buying a non-branded bag from a Chinese retailer might only set you back RM50, but how sturdy and reliable would a bag like that be?

On the other hand, buying a bag from brands like Jujube can set you back in the hundreds. At this point on, you’re paying mostly for the branding. Jujube partners with a lot of other big brands, such as Sanrio and TokiDoki. Much of the price is then based on the licensing fee.

Reasonable price to pay for diaper bag - Jae Ko Designs!

cheap diaper bag

Based on extensive research and our belief that we should be buying value for money items, one Malaysian brand stood out. Jae Ko Designs prices their bags at RM250 (now on sale at RM200).

The stylish bags are made of vegan leather, making it easy to clean while maintaining its high quality aesthetic.

It comes with all the necessary features like an insulated pocket, plenty of compartments, as well as boasting waterproof and easy-to-clean qualities.

The best part about Jae Ko Designs is that their diaper bags come 100% customisable with the option to monogram your initials onto your bag to make it as personal as it can get.

You can also expect your customised diaper bag to arrive within 1-3 working days of placing your order online.

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