8 awesome ideas to keep your child busy

8 awesome ideas to keep your child busy

There's a really easy way to keep your little ones busy and happy that doesn't involve TV or electronic games... and we tell you all about it in this article!


HP printer

Your HP printer will be your best friend when your child says she’s bored!

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you hear three words from your child that strike fear in your heart: “Mummy, I’m bored!” You’ve already played hide and seek, read books together and built a city out of blocks and you are rapidly running out of ideas to keep your little munchkin entertained.

At times like this, you need inspiration yourself to keep your child inspired… and it comes to you in the form of a printer – the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage all-in-one wireless printer series to be precise!

With just one touch of a button, any printer in this series can effortlessly deliver many ways to keep your child occupied by giving you access to a range of great apps via your smartphone or tablet

And you have the satisfaction of knowing that while your little one is having fun, he is also learning at the same time.

Activity #1: Play Minnie Memory Game

hp printer

This game will provide hours of fun and smiles.

This game is perfect to fine-tune your child’s memory skills.

  • Cut out all the pieces with scissors.
  • Place all the pieces on a table with the white side facing up. The objective is to find all the matching pairs of cards.
  • This game can also be done with two players where the first player selects two cards and turns them over. If they match, they are kept aside. The player with the most matching pairs of cards is the winner.

Activity #2: Spot the differences in the monsters

HP printers

Another awesome game for your kiddo from HP!

Help your little one develop his observations skills with this game, while having fun in the process!

  • There are five differences between Mike, Boo and Sully on each card.
  • Encourage your little one to spot all these differences.

Activity #3: Pooh’s Hunny Pot Paper Craft

hp printers

This is a great parent-child activity that you can do together.

This is the perfect activity for a Sunday afternoon to keep those little fingers busy! Mums, remember to keep scissors away from your little one and do all the cutting yourselves.

  • Print Pooh and his hunny pot on thin card and cut out the pieces.
  • Fold Pooh in half along the dotted lines so the design is two-sided and then fold the tab under his feet to create a stand.
  • Using glue or double-sided tape, secure Pooh’s front and back sides together.
  • Make the folds at the base and sides of the hunny pot piece away from you form the pot. Make the folds at the lip of the pot towards you.
  • Glue the A tabs on the hunny pot to the inside of the corresponding pieces. Tuck the B tabs into the top of the pot to close it.
  • Finally, align Pooh’s body with the dotted line printed at the top of the hunny pot and secure Pooh’s body to the pot with glue.

Activity #4: Snap that moment!

HP printers

Capture your cherished memories with fun apps from HP

Here’s the ideal craft activity to capture those awesome happy family holiday moments!

  • Print out the Nickelodeon “photo frame” printable and cut across the middle to separate the two “frames”.
  • Paste the two papers on think cardboard.
  • Let your child colour the pictures on the frames and then paste the pictures of your choice on to each frame.

Activity #5: Dress a doll

HP printers

This doll cutout is the perfect game for your kids

This is a really nice mix-and-match activity that not only keeps kids occupied but taps on their creativity at the same time.

  • Print out the doll’s body and clothes on thin card and then carefully cut them out
  • Attach a photo of face on the doll’s “face” and get your little one to colour the rest of the body
  • Fold the white tabs on the clothes back and let your little one have loads of fun dressing the doll!

Activity #6: Uncle Art’s Funland

HP printer

Your child will be spoiled for choice with all the fun activities to choose on this activity sheet.

From riddles and giggles to memory games, here’s another lovely afternoon or weekend activity for your child.

  • Just print out the activity sheet, hand it over to your kids and watch them having fun with it for hours!

Activity #7: Make a plane

HP printers

Help your little one make this awesome aircraft!

One for all young aviation enthusiasts, you can choose from several cool airplane designs and colours to make an awesome plane!

  • All you need to do is print out your favourite airplane design and colour for your little ones. Next, guide them on how to fold properly along the dotted line to make his plane
  • You can get up to three pages of these fun airplane printables every week.

Activity #8: Have fun with Paddington Bear

HP printers

This activity is ideal for younger kids and they can have fun colouring it once they’ve spotted the odd one out.

This activity is great for younger kids and will help them focus as they identify the similarities and differences in the four Pooh bear pictures.

  • Print out this activity sheet for your young one and encourage him to spot the odd one out among the four Pooh bears.
  • Once the odd one out has been identified, you could get your child to colour the pictures.

As you can see, your HP printer opens up a whole world of possibilies and fun for your whole family. Check out their full range of awesome apps by clicking this link.

hp printers

The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage all-in-one wireless printer series is perfect for the modern family’s needs.

The modern family’s printer

With a printer from the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage all-in-one wireless printer series, you can start printing and get connected quickly with easy setup from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It also enables you to connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer, and easily print without accessing a network.

You can also manage printing tasks and scan on the go with the free HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app, and easily print from a variety of smartphones and tablets. Your pages come out great, even if you’re not there!

Making your life even easier, selected Internet-capable printers of this series also give you instant access to printable Web content from their control panel.

What’s more, you get value for money, where you can print up to twice as many pages with Original HP high-yield ink cartridges. The HP printer is also compact, easily fitting on your on your desk, a shelf, or anywhere you need it. The optional quiet mode helps keep noise to a minimum.

As you can see, these printers truly support the needs of a modern family that cherishes the time they spend together doing activities the kids love, while helping to create memories that last a lifetime.

Parents, you’ll also be delighted to know that you can now exchange your faulty Print Advantage printers for brand new ones! This service is available throughout Malaysia and HP will even deliver the new printer to your doorstep for your easy convenience.

Visit www.hp.com/apac/thinkitprintit for more information.

Parents, do you use a printer from the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage all-in-one wireless printer series? How has it made your life easier? Do tell us by leaving a comment below. 

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