KLPac’s debt may lead to closure

KLPac’s debt may lead to closure

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) is RM1.3 million in debt and may shut down if KLPac does not receive the funds to stay afloat.

KLPac’s debt may lead to closureAccording to co-founder cum Artistic Director Joe Hasham, KLPac’s debts amounts to RM1.3 million and may very likely shut down if they don’t receive the funds it needs to stay afloat.

Lack of corporate sponsors

He said that KLPac first opened in 2005 the centre had 12 corporate sponsors. But over the years, several sponsors have opted out, leaving only three major corporate sponsors today.

KLPac a hub for performing arts in Malaysia

"It drives me crazy to think that somewhere down the line, this place can no longer function as a performing arts centre.

"Are you aware of the contribution that KLPac has made to this country? I do not have the exact figure but I would not hesitate to guess that KLPac produces over
60 per cent of performing arts shows in this country."

Despite KLPac being in dire financial stress, both Joe and his wife Faridah Merican, the co-founder cum Executive Producer and Director of KLPac, are taking measures to ensure the centre remains a hub for performing arts in Malaysia.

No government assistance

Joe said that KLPac’s operational costs amounts to around RM3 million annually.

Despite having written several letters to the government requesting monetary assistance, Joe and Farida received the same negative response.

"Every time we get the same reply, saying that they do not have any available funds," he said.

This however was not always the case, as the government initially offered some assistance when KLPac first started. But Joe said that this ceased after three years.

Turning to the public for help

Joe realizes that corporate sponsors cannot be expected to dole out huge sums of to help the centre out, so KLPac came up with a plan to get members of the public to assist them in keeping the centre afloat.

"They could pledge whatever money they can afford," he said.

"We will have a big board at KLPac where we are going to list down the names of all the people who have contributed to us. They will be known as KLPac's patron of the arts."

The centre plans to hold its inaugural gala fundraiser on Dec 22 and 23. The price of tickets range from RM100 to RM1,000.

The audience can expect to be treated to an exhilarating night of comedy, dance and music.

Proceeds from ticket sales will be used to run the centre and clear its debts.

If you are keen to help KLPac, please send an email to Yue May at: [email protected].


Source: KLPac needs funds to stay afloat

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