Malay language should be given priority

Malay language should be given priority

A language expert claimed that the yet-to-be-finalised National Education Blueprint 2013-2025 lacks elements to strengthening Malay as the national language.

Malay language should be given priority

Malay language should be given priority

University Malaya (UM) Professor Emeritus Datuk Dr Nik Safiah Karim said that chapter four of the Education Blueprint was lacking elements to strengthen the Malay language.

"The part where I see the English language being given priority is at chapter four whereby the steps taken to strengthen the importance of that language is drafted out in eight paragraphs, together with a one table, whereas the strengthening of Bahasa Melayu is explained in only two short paragraphs in the same chapter," she said.

However, Nik Safiah assured that she was not criticising the framework but urged that the Malay language should be given more priority. 

She said that the national language was important and she urged leaders to do their part in making it the preferred language, adding that she felt uneasy about those who did otherwise.

"All Malaysians should at least have a basic foundation in knowing how to use the national language," she said at a press conference after presenting her speech at the Bahasa Melayu National Conference on November 26.

She described the blueprint as a great initiative by the Education Ministry and urged the ministry to give increased priority to the national language.


Source: Don: Blueprint lacks elements to strengthen Malay language

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