MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One

MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One

The first thing to do is to make sure you have all your baby necessities without breaking the bank.

If you got pregnant during the Movement Control Order (MCO), don’t worry, you’re not the only one! In fact, pregnancies have boomed in many countries during the various quarantines.

That means there are many babies on the way! And if you’re one of the families preparing for a new addition to the household, amidst this crazy COVID mess, there is quite a lot to prepare for.

Firstly, the economic situation is not looking good right now. The moratorium is about to end and many people are practicing austerity measures to make sure that they have enough savings to tide them over through these tough times.

Secondly, the new normal means that there are a lot of processes to follow. Wearing a mask, frequent hand washing and sanitising is all part of the new norm that we will have to practice for the unforeseeable future.

So, while it is exciting that your baby is on the way, it is also important to make sure you’re prepared to welcome them into this new world.

Here’s how you can prepare for your MCO pregnancy baby:

MCO Pregnancy Tip #1: Familiarise yourself with the SOPs

mco pregnancy tips

Whether it’s clinic check-ups or hospital delivery standard operating procedures (SOP), you should familiarise yourself with all of them. So that, when the time comes for delivery, you won’t be scrambling to figure out the right SOP. If you’re not sure, ask the clinic or hospital you’re delivering at ahead of time, or post up a question in a mummy community group on social media as they are always helpful.

MCO Pregnancy Tip #2: Get the right accessories for the family

mco pregnancy tips

Make sure to always have a good supply of masks for yourself and your family throughout this period and also ensure you have a face shield ready for your newborn.

We don’t recommend using masks for kids under 3 as it may be hard for them to breathe. It is always better to train the baby from young to wear a face shield as it might be harder for them to adapt when they’re older.

MCO Pregnancy Tip #3: Keep the visitors to a minimum

mco pregnancy tips

It is the BEST time to deliver your baby right now during this new normal period because you don’t have to worry about making excuses when you reject visitors.

You can spend your confinement month (or two) fully recovering from the birth of your baby and not have to worry about entertaining guests.

Better still if you check yourself into a confinement centre or a hospital that restricts visitors. This will allow for more privacy and safety for your newborn.

MCO Pregnancy Tip #4: Start buying your baby necessities early (and online!)

If you don’t feel comfortable making a trip down to baby stores at this time, it’s good to move your shopping online or to buy from a one-stop shop.

Parents should be buying from a reputable source to get the best baby necessities at a discounted price at this time to save as much as they can.

For parents preparing for their bub, or even those who want to stock up, the best savings usually happen during baby fairs.

The Tesco Baby Fair is happening from 24th September to 7th October with attractive deals for their Tesco Fred & Flo product range, Tesco baby apparel, groceries and baby related items like toys and houseware (like bottles and vacuum flasks).

Here are the top 10 picks from the Tesco Baby Fair to buy:

1. Tesco Fred & Flo liquid cleanser - RM7.99 per 600ml packet

mco pregnancy tips

Always handy to have around is liquid cleanser as we use it often for washing children’s bottles and toys.

2. Tesco Fred & Flo concentrated anti-bacterial liquid wash - RM7.99 per unit

mco pregnancy tips

At a time like this, it’s important to keep our children as protected as possible. Anti-bacterial wash can help to give that extra layer of protection they need.

3. Tesco Fred & Flo moisturising baby wipes 2 x 80s - RM8.99 per pack
Tesco Fred & Flo moisturising baby wipes (refill pack) – 2 x 150s – RM9.99 per pack

mco pregnancy tips
One of the things parents really need a lot of when they have babies is wet wipes. When you’re buying in bulk, the savings for this can be massive.

4. Tesco Fred & Flo diapers - RM26.99 per pack (for size M81, L69, XL56 and XXL46)

mco pregnancy tips
Of course, another item that is popular among parents to stock up is diapers. Stock up on your child’s Fred & Flo diapers during the Tesco Baby Fair to ensure savings in the long run.

5. Pet Pet Diapers - RM27.90 per pack (from size S-XL)

MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One
If you are using the Pet Pet brand of diapers, it is also going to be on sale during this period and you won’t want ot miss it! The price reduction is from RM34.50 to RM27.90. That’s a lot of savings!

6. Dutch Lady Milk Powder - RM18.99 per (NP: RM23.45)

MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One

Milk powder is another necessity parents will spend a lot on monthly. Any savings on this can help ease the burden on household expenses.

7. Enfagrow A+ milk powder - from RM99.99 to RM125.99 per unit

MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One
Purchase 2 units to enjoy RM20 off during the Tesco Baby Fair.

8. PediaSure 1.6kg - RM138.99 per unit

MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One
Buy 2 tins of PediaSure to enjoy RM10 off during the baby fair.

9. Similac Gold Gain 1.8kg - RM112.99 - RM119.99 per tin

MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One

Buy 2 to enjoy RM10 off during the Tesco Baby Fair.

10. Anmum Essential Step 3/4 Asli 1.5kg - RM82.90 per unit

MCO Baby On The Way? Here's How To Prepare For Your Little One

Buy 2 tins of Anmum Essential Step 3 or 4 to enjoy RM20 off during the baby fair.

Start putting all your baby necessities in your cart. See you mummies at the Tesco Baby Fair this September!

You can also shop online at Lazada and Shopee.

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