What Is the New Standard of Gentle?

What Is the New Standard of Gentle?

Introducing a new standard of gentle. With JOHNSON’S® new products, you can give your child gentle care like never before. How? Let us show you the ways…

So much has changed since the time of our parents or grandparents. We are now more aware of the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. When it comes to caring for our children, we now know that natural and gentle care is best. This awareness extends even to breakthroughs in science and child development. As a result, we are better equipped than ever before to give our children the very best in child care. And with all these changes, a new standard of gentle has evolved. Read on to find out what this means for you and your child.

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A New Standard of Gentle

With all the changes of modern life, some things remain constant and true, such as a mother’s love, and her gentle touch. 

It is this timeless truth – married to the latest developments – that has made JOHNSON’S® renew their focus on providing mums with products to care for their children in the gentlest, best way. This has resulted in a new JOHNSON’S® and a new standard of gentle.

What to Expect from the New JOHNSON’S® 

With 125 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge in baby skin and manufacturing science, JOHNSON’S® is a name synonymous to baby care. 

With the New JOHNSON’S®, mums can expect not just a reformulation but a total reinvention of the baby care products JOHNSON’S® has become famous for. This new baby care line has Ultra Gentle formulas that contain 0% parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes. They are also designed to be irritation-free for the delicate and developing skin of babies and toddlers.

Mr. Prashant Mahalingam, Country Director, Consumer at Johnson & Johnson Malaysia, said, “To create the New JOHNSON’S® range of products, we put parents at the center — listening to more than 26,000 parents from around the world — and paired their feedback with the latest science to shape and refine our products inside and out. The result is JOHNSON’S® gentlest range of baby care products ever, raising the bar of our Best for Baby standard from the formulation to packaging design.” 

Here’s a list of what mums can expect to find in the new product range:

Purposeful Choices of Ingredients

JOHNSON’S® carefully considered every single ingredient, rejecting over 400 ingredients, and using naturally-derived oils like coconut and cottonseed while replacing ingredients like mineral oil. 

The new range has 0% parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes. This is a remarkable achievement – less than 2% of cosmetic ingredients globally meets these standards of gentleness! What it means for you is that nothing but the most gentle ingredients touch your baby’s skin. 

Fragrances Designed with Mum and Baby in Mind

Everyone remembers the iconic smell of JOHNSON’S® products from their childhood. They trigger happy memories of a simpler time, with loved ones nearby.

Because smell, memory and emotion are intimately connected, JOHNSON’S® retained the scents their classic products are known and loved for, while maximising bonding moments between parent and baby. All the fragrances are now free of allergens. And they continue to follow the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) global standards. 

Parent-Friendly Packaging

The new JOHNSON’S® bottles are now equipped with pumps designed for easier and one-handed use for parents, so mum and dad can remain focused on the baby while taking care of the countless tasks we juggle.

Gentle Products for Every Stage in a Baby’s Life

JOHNSON’S® products are specially formulated to address the special skin needs of babies. Mindfully designed to turn moments of care into opportunities to strengthen babies’ connection to their parents, they nurture children's healthy development in every stage. 

The new range features four “Ages & Stages” labels to help parents easily navigate between the products. The New JOHNSON’S® baby care range is suitable for minutes-old newborn babies to six year old kids.

newborn care basics

Why You Should CHOOSE Gentle

There are many reasons to choose gentle – from the emotional to the scientific.

Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Ismail, Consultant Paediatrician and Secretary General of the Asia Pacific Pediatric Association, explained, “A newborn’s epidermis or the outermost layer of skin is 30% thinner than adults’. Baby’s thinner skin means it cannot absorb and retain moisture in the skin and is prone to moisture evaporation and dry skin.”

Parents need to select gentle cleansers that will keep the skin barrier hydrated. Dry skin causes itchiness and allows for easier penetration of bacteria and allergens. 

Mr. Prashant Mahalingam said, “At JOHNSON’S®, we’ve always been committed to delivering only the best for babies. We have never been more passionate in advocating for parents to CHOOSE gentle, that is to select the gentlest baby care products for their little ones.”

Gentle Newborn Care Like No Other

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JOHNSON’S®  added a new member to their family of products — the New JOHNSON’S® CottonTouch range. The CottonTouchTop-to-Toe Bath and Face and Body Lotion are specifically designed for newborns. Blended with natural cotton, the hypoallergenic, ultra-light formula is clinically proven mild and safe from the first day of life while encouraging more parent-baby touch and interactions. The wash and lotion are formulated to be easy-to-rinse and lightweight. And there's also no sticky residue, giving parents a good grip on their little ones and confidence to touch and connect with them.

Gan Mei Yan, a well-known radio announcer, is a fan of the New JOHNSON’S® CottonTouchproducts. “Expecting moms, you need this JOHNSON’S® gentlest baby care for newborns!” she exclaimed during the launch of Cotton Touch. 

She went on to say, “I believe every newborn deserves the gentlest baby care products. This ultra-light, easy-to-rinse wash and lightweight lotion with no sticky residue allows me to get a good grip of my little Seng Sum during bath and change. It gives me even more confidence to handle her, even though I have had experience caring for Seng Jo. And the smell… it makes her even more lovable to hug and hold!” 

Choose Gentle

JOHNSON’S® CottonTouchproducts will be joining the current range, which includes Milk + Rice and Milk + Oats Wash and Lotion for Toddlers and Active Kids Shampoo for Toddlers and Kids.

Speaking at the product launch, actress and model Amyra Rosli told us about why she chooses JOHNSON’S® Milk + Rice Bath and Lotion for her 1-year-7-months-old son, Aqeef Anaqi Bin Amar. She said, “As my little boy is actively crawling and constantly on all fours on the various floor surfaces at home, I have to ensure his skin is well moisturized and protected so that he can enjoy his exploration and develop happily.” 

The New JOHNSON’S® range of baby care products is available at major retail outlets nationwide. For more information about the New JOHNSON’S®, visit www.johnsonsbaby.com.my or follow JOHNSON’S® Malaysia Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JohnsonsbabyMY.

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