5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn Diaper

5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn Diaper

Newborn babies have highly sensitive skin and choosing the wrong diaper can potentially lead to skin irritation!

Congratulations! If you are reading this then you probably have just given birth or you are expecting your bundle of joy to be in your arms soon.

Babies are at their most vulnerable during their newborn stage, so you will need to play close attention-to-detail when it comes to picking out their basic essentials such as diapers – their skin is very sensitive and their umbilical cords have yet to heal.

There are many types of disposable diapers. It can be confusing when it comes to understanding which features actually matter for your baby and is good for their skin’s health.

To help you through this, we have compiled five of our top tips to keep in mind when choosing a newborn diaper for your little one.

1.  Tape diapers protect the navel area

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Tape diapers or pant diapers? We know, it can be overwhelming but disposable tape diapers are the ones you need now. As we mentioned, your baby’s umbilical stump is still in the midst of healing, while some newborns’ umbilical cords have yet to fall off.

With tape diapers, parents can easily adjust the diaper under their navel area to keep the umbilical stump uncovered for it to dry out and heal better. Also, newborns are not able to walk or sit yet, so tape diapers are easy to fasten as your baby will be lying down. Pant diapers are a no-no right now and are more suited during their toddler years where you can easily pull it up.

Pro tip:

Look for a disposable tape diaper with a U-cut shape to easily avoid the navel area.

2.  Material and softness is key for comfort

5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn Diaper

We know that our skin is the first line of defence from pathogens, irritants and allergens. This means that proper skincare can protect our body against infections or diseases. However, baby skin takes time to properly develop along with their immune system, which is why choosing the right diaper material is crucial to their health as it will be touching their delicate skin everyday. Material with fragrances or chlorine can potentially irritate their sensitive skin.

Besides that, material softness matters too. Softer fibres are more gentle on their skin and you will want to look for non-irritating, allergen-free and soft fabric. Also, softness allows your baby to enjoy better comfort during their hours of diaper wear!

Pro tip:

Check the diaper material contents before buying. Look for a disposable diaper that is free from EU26 Allergens – these are allergenic substances that can cause redness, irritation or rashes.

3.  Breathability prevents skin irritations

5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn Diaper

Breathability is very important when it comes to protecting your baby’s sensitive skin. A breathable diaper allows air to flow in or out of the diaper to prevent stuffiness and moisture from being trapped  – one of the most common causes of diaper rash is because of prolonged exposure to moisture of a wet diaper!

Moreover, according to research, babies who wore breathable diapers experienced less skin irritation, such as diaper dermatitis, compared to infants who did not wear breathable diapers.

But, how does it work? Well, these diapers use breathable material for the back sheet or layer, which keeps liquid inside (to prevent leakages) but allows water vapours out with air flow to keep the skin dry.

Pro tip:

Look for diaper brands with an embossed top sheet. This will allow more air space, as well as less contact between your baby’s skin and the diaper. 

 4.  Speedy absorption is key to dryness

5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn Diaper

Newborn babies generally urinate between 15 and 20 times per day. So, absorbency is a given with diapers. However, the rate of absorption is what you should pay attention to. 

Additionally, a newborn’s stool is usually soft and loose - they can have between one to two bowel movements and it can go up to even, five or 10 times per day! This means you will want diapers that are able to quickly absorb their loose stools to prevent any spillage, while keeping their skin dry to avoid irritation. 

In short, the faster the diaper is able to absorb your baby’s waste, the less likely leakages are bound to happen and the better your baby’s skin cleanliness will be.

Pro tip:

One feature to look out for in a diaper brand is a ‘Stool Lock System’. This is designed to help draw, lock, as well as secure any loose stools to keep your baby dry and clean.

5. A wetness indicator makes parenting easier

drypers skinature baby diaper

The wetness indicator is your best tool. Juggling a newborn is far from easy and checking their diaper can be tiresome but we need to do it. We wouldn’t want them to sit in their waste for long periods of time - it can put their skin health at risk.

It can be stressful having to check your baby’s diaper often to see if he or she did their business but  with a wetness indicator strip, your diaper will let you know it is time for a change. This strip runs at the bottom of the diaper from the front to back and will change colour upon contact with liquids!

Pro Tip:

Read your diaper information sheet on how their indicator works – some brands may have different recommendations due to material types. There may be a suggested time to check diapers according to the indicator colour.  

For ultimate comfort, try Skinature by Drypers

Here is a disposable tape diaper that checks all the boxes - introducing the NEW Skinature by Drypers Derma Care Technology™. This dermatologically tested diaper features a combination of soft and breathable materials with special care technology that ensure your baby’s skin is kept dry, as well as clean.

The diaper, which ranges in newborn to XL sizes, is free of irritants and made especially to protect their delicate, sensitive skin. Here is a how Skinature by Drypers can cater to your newborn’s needs. 

 5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn DiaperIt is free from allergens: Developed with Derma-Care Technology, the diaper is free from EU26 allergens - 26 common allergenic substances that can induce an allergy – all throughout the diaper’s sheets to ensure it is safe, as well as gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic as well as chlorine and fragrance free! 

5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn DiaperIt is made with premium softness and comfort: Skinature by Drypers uses softer tape and all of their materials are made from soft fibres. It is also designed with Pro-Skin Navel Care which is a special cut-out feature of a slight U-cut shape that protects the navel area and supports the healing of your newborn’s umbilical stump. The diaper’s soft leg cuffs ensure your baby’s comfort, while its waistband is six times more stretchable for your baby to comfortably fit into their diaper as they grow. 

5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn DiaperIt offers speedy absorption: Skinature by Drypers’s newborn size includes a Stool Lock System™ and has one of the best stool lock performance to keep your newborn’s skin clean, as well as dry. Its core materials are specifically selected to ensure the diaper is able to quickly absorb and distribute liquid to prevent flow back, while maintaining a dry surface. It is recognised as a breathable diaper with 100 percent air space as the 3D-embossed top layer has deeper air pockets that doubles the space between the diaper and the baby’s skin. Hence, less skin contact! 

5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn DiaperIt has a wetness indicator: Skinature by Drypers has a wetness indicator which turns from yellow to green once in contact with liquid. With this feature, it saves parents from the trouble of constantly checking their baby’s diaper as the indicator will let you know when a diaper change is needed. Drypers recommends changing the diaper once 2/3 of the indicator turns green.


5 VERY Important Tips when Choosing a Newborn Diaper

What we have learnt is that a baby’s skin - no matter the age - requires delicate care and choosing a diaper is not a task to take for granted as he or she will be in contact with these materials every day. Simply choosing a diaper without properly assessing its features can put their skin health at risk. 

Skinature by Drypers is a great choice as its features centre around providing the best care for your baby. It caters to their specific needs and gives you a peace-of-mind that their skin is truly protected. 

So, try out Skinature by Drypers today - your baby’s skin will thank you! 

Get your Skinature by Drypers here today. 

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