6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

Mummies, are you guilty of these habits?

Whether you’re a new mum or a mum of multiple children, here's something we can all relate to: the desire to provide the best nutrition for our babies. Now we all know breast milk has the ideal mix of vitamins, protein and fat, but not all mothers have the opportunity to breastfeed. In this article we consider several alternatives, as well as the influence of parenting style on feeding and nutrition. 

As you're well aware, every mum's definition of “best” can differ. Some mums are tiger mums, who think that the best for their children means putting them through rigid discipline that includes an equally uncompromising take on nutrition. Other mums are more relaxed, taking the laid back approach to raising their kids that allows little ones more leeway during meal times. 

Either way, the mission is still the same - they want to set their kids up for success.

But as always, we as parents should reflect and adjust our style from time to time, to avoid  inadvertently affecting our kids. 

nutrition plan for kids

Here are 6 ways mums affect their children’s nutrition without knowing it:

1. Being too controlling

No sugar! No salt! No eating out! Some mummies can be a little extreme with controlling their child’s diets. But this can result in a child not getting the proper nutrition they need. While some mummies want to make sure their child is getting Tailored Nutrition, it has to be done in a balanced manner. You can ensure they are getting the right nutrients by introducing the correct milk for their needs.

2. Letting go a little too much

When it comes to weaning, parents need to guide their children in the right direction and not let go too much. Some parents look at the start of weaning as “independence day”. And yes, while it is a day to celebrate, if your child isn’t getting the right nutrients, his or her growth can be hindered.

To ensure your child is getting the proper Winning Weaning nutrients, you should give them some guidance on what to eat, if they are self-led weaning babies. If not, be sure that the pureed food they are given has the right amount of nutrients, supplemented by the right kind of milk.

3. Not taking the time to understand a child’s needs

Many parents are guilty of this. Just because our child is eating what we eat, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is what their little bodies need. If you want your child to be an All Rounder, you have to choose the right type of nutrition for their needs as they grow up, including the best type of milk for their development.

nutrition plan for kids

4. Giving the child too much independence

Your child might be super smart at their age, but it doesn’t mean that they should be given full independence to choose their diet plans. Some parents allow their kids to raid the fridge and let them eat whatever they find once they are old enough. However, it is important to keep your little Brainy Genius at bay, by ensuring they are receiving the right kind of nutrients through their diet and milk.

5. Only feeding the child one food group type

If you’re a kiasu parent, you might relate to this. Fish makes a kid smarter! Calcium makes a kids bones stronger! And of course, you want your kids to have Strong Bones, but it doesn’t mean you should only focus on one food group at a time. Your child should have a good mix of nutrition to keep their bones AND other body parts strong.

6. Forgetting important nutritional factors

A common problem many kids face is digestive issues. As their little bodies acclimatise to changing diets when they grow up, it is extra important to ensure their Gutsy Guts are well taken care of. If you’re unsure how to do so, just add some fibre into their diets and make sure the milk they are drinking is appropriate for their health.

Did you know that Nestle’s wide range of formula milk brands speaks to all kinds of children’s needs no matter your parenting style?

Find the right milk brand for your child’s nutritional needs:

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

If you’re raising a child who needs Tailored Nutrition, your best bet is the NANKID OPTIPRO® HA 3. This brand of milk is scientifically formulated with Nestlé’s Most Advanced Protein to put worried mums at ease, as it is less allergenic compared to regular cow’s milk protein.

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

A second option is the S-26® PE GOLD® that's loaded with 7 key nutrients that may be missing in picky eaters such as Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, C, D & E.

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

For Winning Weaning kids, CERELAC®, is made with the goodness of baby-grade grains and packed with important nutrients like protein, DHA, iron, calcium, vitamin C and probiotics!

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

All Rounders will benefit from NANKID OPTIPRO®, a formulation without added sucrose, but with all the essential nutrients for your child’s optimal growth and development.

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

Alternatively, S-26® PROGRESS® and S-26® PROMISE® with Nutrissentials® now has an improved blend of nutrients to better support your child’s growth and development in establishing a strong foundation for learning.

nutrition plan for kids

If you’re raising a Brainy Genius, then you can consider the S-26® Progress GOLD® for your growing child. It is fortified with DHA, AA, Choline and Taurine to help your child’s mental development.

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

Want to continue building Strong Bones for your child? Nestlé’s LACTOKID® has more calcium in comparison to other brands of a similar price range, to keep your little active one strong and healthy.

6 Ways Mums Affect Their Child’s Nutrition Without Knowing It

Finally, not to forget the Gutsy Guts. Aiding your child’s digestion, Nestlé’s LACTOGROW® contains probiotic cultures L. reuteri, high calcium, DHA, and Happy Nutri™ to keep their tummies happy all the time.

So what kind of child are you raising based on your parenting style? Take this quiz now to find out.

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