Is having an orgasm during labour possible?

Is having an orgasm during labour possible?

Studies have shown that women can experience an orgasm during labour. How is this possible, especially during what is supposed to be a very painful time? Read all about the big 'O' during birth here.


Most women who have given birth will laugh at the idea of having an orgasm during labour. I've gone through it twice, both completely natural, and I can honestly say that there was not a moment of pleasure until I held my baby at the end. Like most mums, I can’t even imagine anything so painful ever causing an orgasm. However, there is proof that suggests some women are granted the big “O.”

Is an orgasm during labour possible?

During delivery, the baby passes through the vaginal walls, possibly pressing on the G-spot and brushing the clitoris. After the baby enters the vaginal cavity, it rubs all the areas that are pleasurable at other times. Labour is a completely different context, though. Having been through the pain of labour, it is very hard to see how a woman could have an orgasm. There is so much intense pain at that time that one would think an orgasm would be the last thing that would happen.

In 2009, a documentary entitled, "“Orgasmic Birth: The Best Kept Secret,"” threw the idea of having an orgasm during labour into the news. Before then, it had only been lightly discussed here and there by mostly nonbelievers. After the documentary was aired, women around the world came forward, admitting that they had experienced one of these rare orgasms but were too embarrassed or shy to say anything before.

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What do the studies say?

Studies are showing that this rare phenomenon of having an orgasm during labour might not be so rare at all. In a survey, midwives reported seeing orgasms approximately 3% of the time. While this may seem a low percentage, it does not take into account the orgasms not noticed or possibly even stifled by embarrassed women.

In another study conducted by psychologist Thierry Postel of Blainville-sur-Mer, France, it showed that out of 206,000 births, 1,536 women either told someone they felt orgasmic sensations or they demonstrated feeling pleasure during the birth. Suddenly, having an orgasm during labour doesn't seem so far-fetched, does it?

What are the benefits of having an orgasm during labour?

The benefits to feeling pleasure during labour are that it could drastically reduce the pain. Receiving vaginal stimulation of any kind blocks the release of a pain transmitter, so basically the pleasure overrides the pain.

While the thought of pain relief, in any form, may be a nice idea for some women, the reality is that most women are not going to be comfortable mixing sexuality with childbirth. We are all aware that this is how the baby got in there in the first place, but the two worlds are hard to combine. That being said, if an orgasm during labour wants to surprise me, I'’ll take that over the pain any day.

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