PepsiCo—Asia’s most women-friendly employer

PepsiCo—Asia’s most women-friendly employer

It would be a perk to work in a women-friendly environment. After all, this means that the employer better understands the intricacies of being a woman. So, what makes a female-friendly workplace?

pepsico asias most women friendly employer

At the Women In Leadership (WIL) Awards held in Kuala Lumpur in February, PepsiCo was recognized as ‘Asia’s Most Woman-Friendly Employer’ because of their talent sustainability initiatives to make their workplace a female-friendly environment.

Senior director of HR at PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand, Alexandra Richardson, said: “We are very proud to receive this award, women are a key part of our future and we are committed to helping them perform at their highest level.”

 Pepsico asias most women friendly employer Why PepsiCo?

The award was given to a company that comprehends the role of women in society and dynamically supports the growth of female executives in terms of enhancement of skills via training programmes plus other initiatives that can and will improve leadership qualities.

According to Umran Beba, president of PepsiCo’s Asia Pacific (APAC) region, now, more than ever, it has become an economic necessity to fully include women in the workplace and recognize their importance. Why? Simply because women makes up half of the world’s talent pool!

She also shared that women make up one third of the executive management team, within the region. What more, 70% of purchasing decisions are made by women. She added: “Having a diverse pool of associates energises our workplace with new perspectives and furthers our ability to identify new market opportunities.”

PepsiCo initiatives

PepsiCo has, in the past year, pulled out at the stops and carried out initiaties like:

-The inauguration of the company’s Pakistan Day Care Centre

-The celebration of International Women’s Day at its APAC offices (100 women from the region participated in the ‘Powerful Woman’ programme

- ‘Inclusive Pairing’ programme (12 high potential executives were paired with the company’s APAC executive committee members)

Congrats to PepsiCo, hopefully more companies would see the potential and importance of women in the workforce and put in more effort to make their offices conducive and female-friendly plus introduce more programmes that will boost womens’ performance to reach the next level.

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