Camera noob? Take better photos with your smart phone with these pro tips

Camera noob? Take better photos with your smart phone with these pro tips

Smart phone’s camera has evolved tremendously. Remember your old Nokia phone? Yeah, that guy. Back then, it gives you decent photos to enjoy but today’s camera phone does miracle works.

With your mobile camera, you can now see your huge pores and your mobile phone, now can zoom in to see the moon.

But, sadly they can't zoom in to see one's heart. You have to figure that part out.

The reality is, although a huge number of people in this world owns a smartphone, not everyone knows how to maximize the full potential of their camera. 

Some people are bad with the camera, no argument with that.

But nowadays, a mobile camera has everything that you need to take your photography skill to the next level.

So, we are excited to share with you guys some cool tips to help you capture great photos using your smartphone.

Disclaimer: This blog entry can’t turn you into a pro photographer but at the very least, you still can be a good photographer for your friend.

What are friends for? 

Shoot using gridlines

If you have no idea, what that is, kindly proceed to your camera settings and find a ‘grid’. So, your camera app will have something that looks like this.

phone pictures

The camera grid is helpful to balance your shot. So you will not end up taking a photo that makes your friend looking fatter than she already is. That’s the power of the grid.

According to the rule of the third, your photo should be divided into three parts and balanced in both horizontally and vertically. 

The trick is when you take the photo, do you see the lines that appear on your screen?

phone pictures

You should take your photo according to the line where they intersect or along the line. Still don’t get it? Okay, take a look at the photo below.

phone pictures

See how much difference it will make?

Shoot in natural light

phone pictures

Natural light is a god-given gift to any photographer and you should take it to your full advantage. Have you tried taking a photo using your flash? They look unnatural and look overexposed.

Natural light works best when you want to shoot a flat lay photo because your photo will look natural. Unless you own a photography studio then that’s an entirely different matter.

Don’t zoom too much

Too much zoom can cause your photo to look blur especially if you are shooting from a distance. Don’t be too lazy, just trying to get closer to your subject. 

phone pictures

But if you are trying to take a photo of your crush from far, then it is forgivable.

Use focus

Every mobile phone camera has its focus setting. Use that. How to go about it? Simple, all you have to do is to adjust its focus by tapping to your screen in which where you want the focus to be. 

phone pictures

When you don’t hit focus

Because, in general when you open your camera, the focus will be on the foreground of your frame, and not always, your background will have a subject to focus. Get it?

phone pictures

Explore your camera mode and its effects

Your camera has its fabulous mode and effects. You should give it a go. Don’t take boring photos. Explore the effects and enjoy it!

phone pictures

Use HDR mode when you want to shoot to not lose details in bright and dark areas.

phone pictures

Play with your filter a bit. This has dewy look to it. Making your unicorn looks demure.

phone pictures

Try Monochrome

Get a tripod

It sucks to be the one who has to stand in front to take a group selfie photo and have your face looking so big and up-close for everyone to see.

Do yourself some favor, get a tripod. Pity yourself a bit. Or if you are travelling alone, you should really consider this.

phone pictures

Source from Google

This article has been republished with permission from Printcious.

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