Mums: We Want Resilient Children

Mums: We Want Resilient Children

A survey revealed that mothers want strong, resilient children that are able to bounce back with a good immune system. But, what else are mummies looking for?

As the world evolves, the importance of instilling key values within our children grows. A resilient system is among the key factors that can unlock your child’s gateway to success in this ever-changing landscape – it is a lifelong trait that gives them the power to overcome challenges and grow with opportunities.

Mums: We Want Resilient Children

There are five pillars of resilience, which are traits of Perseverance, Daringness, Self-reliance, Adaptability and Resourcefulness.

  • Perseverance: To keep trying despite failures – turning a weakness into a strength. To not give up and achieve something as a result of persistence.
  • Daringness: The bravery and courage to try something new, as well as to experiment with the unknown.
  • Self-reliance: Making their own decisions and being independent while staying connected to family, as well as friends.
  • Adaptability: The ability to respond suitably and quickly, while thriving in challenging environments. The capacity to respond when something changes suddenly.
  • Resourcefulness: Finding quick and clever solutions, while thriving in challenging environments.

Furthermore, it was revealed that 90 percent of mothers want to raise their child to be more resilient, with emphasis on values of Self-reliance, Daringness and Perseverance.

However, children are not born resilient, instead, the characteristics of resilience are developed through positive parenting methods that provide a supportive and healthy environment.

Today, relying on smartness is no longer enough, while being overprotective with methods such as helicopter parenting could negatively affect your child’s abilities.

Thus, raising your kids independently allows them to be self-sufficient – they are able to explore their own personalities, as well as adapt to situations and face challenges.

Mums: We Want Resilient Children

Nutrition is at the heart of a child’s mental and physical development, but sourcing for a great nutritional composition to nurture your little ones can be a struggle. Three out of four mums stated that immunity was their biggest concern.

Results further uncovered that 91 percent are seeking out milk brands that support immunity and 92 percent want nutrients that foster cognitive functions. Cognitive functions relate to mental abilities such as reasoning, thinking, problem-solving as well as learning.

“Growing up milk”, which is a formula for toddlers and kids, is among the best sources of nutrition for them.

Therefore, choosing the best growing up milk for your child is pertinent in your journey to raising them resilient while ensuring that they get all the essential nutrients that they need, including pre- and probiotics and the highest level of DHA.

Give your child the right choice. Get a sample today.

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