Privatisation plans for Melaka zoo

Privatisation plans for Melaka zoo

There are plans to privatize Melaka Zoo in a bid to develop it as a popular tourist destination. What does that mean for Malaysia?


Privatisation plans for Melaka zooThe Melaka Zoo, which is currently being managed by the Wildlife and National Park Department, will soon be taken over by the Melaka government, as disclosed to the press by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam. This, according to him, is a part of the ongoing process of privatizing the zoo in a bid to develop it into a popular tourist destination.The plan to privatize the zoo has already been cleared by the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry (verbally) and is expected to be effective by the end of this year.

The Melaka Zoo, which is one of the best managed zoos in the country, and gets the state exchequer a revenue in excess of RM3 million every year, will now be handed over to the private sector with the help of Wildlife Productions Sdn Bhd, Koperasi Bela Masyarakat Melaka Berhad (Kobemas) and Koperasi Hang Tuah Jaya.

It is expected to develop into a more popular tourist destination after being handed over to private sector.

The Chief Minister also reportedly said that the zoo would thereafter stop getting the annual subsidy of RM4 million from the federal government and will have to sustain itself entirely on the proceeds from sale of tickets.

According to the proposal, the zoo is expected to be rebranded after this privatization and be rechristened as the ‘Melaka Zoo and Night Safari”. The staff of the existing zoo need not worry since they have already been assured of jobs “as contract employees with the Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council”.

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