#tApReviews: Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review

#tApReviews: Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review

This is not a paid review. All of the opinions expressed in the article are my own. Here's what I think of the Pumpables Genie Plus breast pump.

If you’re looking to buy a breast pump and you’re considering the Pumpables Genie Plus, we’re here to tell you everything about it that we absolutely love. This is the Pumpables Milk Genie Plus review every mum needs to read.

But before we go into it, here’s a little background: I started off using an Eynsham Symphony pump, which is slightly bigger compared to the Pumpables Genie Plus. 

pumpables genie plus

I spent about the same amount on both pumps, but the difference in functionality is worlds apart.

This proved to be unsuitable for me due to the wrong breast shield size and since this brand is pretty much unheard of, no one could tell me if there were other compatible flanges I could use. Not only that, for the same price, I got a pump that didn’t have a screen and had only basic functionality.

Then I bought myself a Spectra S1 pump. It worked well for me as a hospital-grade pump. But as it was time for me to go back to work, bringing the bulky pump to work with me was not an ideal situation. As an EP mum, it was crucial for me to have two working pumps anyway.

Enter Pumpables Milk Genie Plus. Whenever I would see other mums posting in Facebook groups about the best portable pump, this pump kept popping up. 

Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review

Price RM599 (get RM100 off by applying downloading our app and redeeming a special discount code)
Suction Power Up to 300mmHg
Weight 220mg
Category Portable 
pumpables milk genie plus review

TLDR: It’s light, effective in clearing breasts and relatively quiet.

What we love about it: 

1. It is small and light. 

Whether you’re travelling or using it as your work pump, it’s perfect because it fits into ANY bag. It’s so light that it doesn’t add much weight to the bag, considering it is only 220gm (that is roughly the weight of a smartphone with a case). 

2. The suction power is efficient in clearing. 

My usual pump time with a Spectra S1 Plus at home on single-pumping is 15 minutes each side to clear. I expected a smaller pump like the Genie Plus to take longer, but to my pleasant surprise, my pump time remained the same and my yield remained the same. 

3. It is relatively quiet. 

Compared to the Spectra S1 Plus, the Genie Plus produces almost the same volume. In my opinion, the Genie Plus is only slightly louder. But one huge plus point is that it is easy to find a place to hide the small machine so you can be more discreet when pumping if the noise bothers you, like your pocket or on a seat (to cushion the noise). 

pumpables milk genie review

4. It comes with three breast shield sizes. 

I cannot stress enough how important this is. One of the most painful parts of my pumping journey was finding the right flange size for my nipples. I started off with Spectra’s standard 28mm, moving up to 30mm and then 32mm, after being ill-advised by shop assistants. Later on, I moved down to a 24mm flange and found that it was the most comfortable. 

However, after four months, I had actually found my perfect size – 21mm, and this was because I had the option of trying this size out when it came with the Genie Plus. Since then, I could say bye-bye to endless cracked nipples and uncomfortable pumping sessions. 

If your size doesn’t fall within this range, additional shield sizes from 15mm to 30mm are also available for purchase separately.

5. Battery life is great.

The breast pump boasts a battery life of up to 2.5 hours. Currently, after having used the pump for about two weeks, the battery life seems to be great. Considering I only pump once a day for half an hour at work, the battery life lasts me all week! 

6. It is compatible with many brands. 

Besides being compatible with Spectra parts, it is also compatible with YouCup and Freemie parts. Of course, experienced mums would know that this means you can also buy Maymom parts. 

7. Memory settings

You can save the settings according to your preferences. This is particularly useful if you’re working and you get distracted from your pump session (as I always do!) as the pump will help you effectively clear your breasts in the way you’re used to without you having to stop what you’re doing to change the settings.

The other side of things:

The only downside to it is that it is only available for sale online.

The only hesitation I had in buying this pump from the get-go was that I could not see, hear or feel the pump at baby fairs as I had been accustomed to. But once I got past that hesitation by reading so many of the reviews on it, I clicked on order and the rest is history. Delivery is very quick, with the pump arriving 2-3 days after the order had been placed. They also use Ninjavan as their delivery service, which updates you on the delivery by text. 

Get your Pumpables Milk Genie Plus here and don’t forget to download our app to get a discount voucher for the breast pump.

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