Sleeping Twins On Epic Adventures When They Sleep

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Every nap is an adventure...

Ayumi Omori from Japan is creating epic dream adventures (or dreamscapes as I call it) for her sleeping twins during nap time. She has been documenting the fun on Instagram since they were babies.

I myself have done a couple of dreamscapes when my youngest using wraps, but I am nowhere as good as Ayumi of course.


A lot of preemptive planning and thought goes into achieving a really cute and successful result. One needs to think what scenarios to do, the background, and the props needed to form the whole look. Don’t forget, your kids can still wake up on you and all would be for naught.

Positioning your kids after they have fallen asleep is a feat in itself and there’s still pairing of outfits to match the scene. Some mothers even draw out the scenarios before attempting to set everything up with props and deco. It helps them to visualize what they can create.

Anything can be used to create the scenario: their toys, coloured cloth, towels and whatever props you deem suitable. The creative possibilities are endless and I personally find it to be quite fun in a challenging sort of way.

You don’t really need a super high tech camera to achieve this. I shot most of mine from a height, just by standing on a chair, overlooking our bed, and I just used whatever I had on hand as props. Mine was done on the fly without much thought and I was limited to using just the wraps.

Ideally, if you own a DSLR or professional camera, do use it as the results would definitely be better. I did have issues with lighting because I was shooting with my phone.

Check out some of Ayumi Omori‘s work as she sets the stage for her 2-year-old twins, Ichika and Taichi, in these super cute and adorable scenarios while they sleep:

#1 Humpty Dumpty


credit : @ayumiichi

#2 Twin-work, geddit?

dreamscapes ideas

credit : @ayumiichi

#3 Let’s Go on a Block Hike

twin babies in dreamscapes

credit : @ayumiichi

#4 Tick, Tock, it’s a Clock!

cute twin babies in dreamscapes

credit : @ayumiichi

#5 Moving Day

sleeping babies

credit : @ayumiichi

#6 Playing Dress Up

babies nap

credit : @ayumiichi

#7 In The Boxing Ring


credit : @ayumiichi

#8 A Day in the Garage

creative ideas

credit : @ayumiichi

#9 Ghost Busters

credit : @ayumiichi

credit : @ayumiichi

#10 DJs at a Rave Party

credit : @ayumiichi

credit : @ayumiichi see more here.

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