Real Mum Review: Skinature By Drypers

Real Mum Review: Skinature By Drypers

It’s challenging to find a diaper for babies who have sensitive skin. But since we tried Skinature by Drypers, we didn’t even have to use nappy cream anymore!

Recently, I got the opportunity to try out Skinature by Drypers in my search for the softest diaper in the market to help with my baby’s sensitive skin.

Honestly, it’s been a while since I last shopped for diapers in a supermarket or in a physical store, so I’m quite out of touch with new products on shelves.

Nowadays, most of my purchases are made via Lazada or Shopee.

So when the chance came about to try out this new Skinature by Drypers, I jumped at it because I was eager to see if this diaper would finally be the one to rid me of all my worries when it comes to Jedi’s sensitive skin problems.

Softest Diaper: Fighting Diaper Rash And Other Skin Problems

softest diaper

Jedi was born with pretty sensitive skin, having suffered from prolonged cradle cap and also eczema since birth. So I am very careful when I change his laundry detergent or when I pick diapers.

The struggle with eczema lasted for months. We saw countless dermatologists and paediatricians, who gave us many creams to combat the flare-ups. To date, we still have 10 different types of nappy creams on standby just in case!

But when we tried Skinature by Drypers, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jedi’s skin did not experience any diaper rashes or redness or flare-ups. It was SUCH a relief!

With their new Derma-Care Technology™, Skinature by Drypers has one of the softest materials I have ever felt in a diaper. The premium materials contribute to great absorbency, leaving me to sleep in peace knowing my baby is not in any discomfort as he learns to sleep through the night.

In fact, every morning when I change Jedi’s diaper, there is no pee leakage and the whole diaper is still dry and as soft as ever!

These are some other plus points about the diaper that every parent will appreciate:

1. It can hold a lot of volume!

As mentioned, one of the best things about this diaper is the fact that it can hold A LOT of volume. My baby drinks 180ml of milk before going to bed every night, so you can imagine how much volume a diaper would need to hold by the next morning!

2. Your baby can sleep comfortably with this diaper.

Their Derma-Care Technology™ ensures that the baby’s skin remains dry throughout the night, while the diaper does its job of absorbing as much volume as it can. One of the special features that allows for the dry skin is the 3D embossed top sheet with deeper air pockets, creating a huge space between the diaper and baby’s skin, allowing more airflow and breathability.

3. It is very soft and gentle on the skin

softest diaper

Since Jedi has such sensitive skin, it’s very important for me to find the most suitable diaper for him. As it is, we normally only buy him organic cotton clothes!

Skinature by Drypers mimics the same softness that organic cotton has since it is made with soft fibers produced with air-through technology, making the material super lush and gentle on the skin.

If you notice in the picture above, I chose to emphasise the focus more so on the tape part, which is most commonly the part that will cut the baby’s skin and cause redness.

With plenty of soft material there, my baby’s skin is well protected by any cuts.

Not only that, Skinature by Drypers is also chlorine-free, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested to be free from 26 EU allergens, putting my mind at ease for any potential allergic reactions.

As I said before, since Jedi switched to Skinature by Drypers, we have not had to use any nappy creams and there hasn’t been a single incident of diaper rash!

4. It has a super cute design with a wetness indicator

softest diaper

I am a sucker for design, so when I saw the little polar bear design on the diaper, I just could not resist. But beyond just being cute, the diaper also comes with a wetness indicator - one of my favourite features in a diaper. This is important because sometimes my little one might soil his diaper without me realising and I can easily check with a wetness indicator.

5. The sizing is versatile

softest diaper

I have a pretty big baby with chunky thighs so certain diapers will become too small for him quickly. What I realised with Skinature by Drypers is that even though Jedi is almost 7.5kg, size S still fits him really well because it has a 6x more stretchable waistband.

This is something that is a bonus for me, not only because he can stay within a size group for a longer period of time, but also because it’s a more comfortable fit for him (and his thunder thighs!).

6. No nasty chemical smell

I’m sure parents would notice that with certain diaper brands, after it is used, there is a very strong chemical smell coming from the diaper. That is probably the chlorine kicking in. With Skinature by Drypers, I realise my diaper bin is not smelly.

7. The price point is reasonable

One of the main things parents look at when buying diapers, besides the features, is also the price point. I am no different. It is important that I find the best diaper for my baby that keeps his skin dry and free from rash, but it also has to be reasonably priced.

8. The pack has an easy-open design

softest diaper

I don’t know how many diaper packets I have struggled to open, ripping apart the whole package and having all the diapers fly everywhere. When you’re in a frenzy to get your baby’s diaper changed, the last thing you want to worry about is opening the diaper packet!

I love this design on the Skinature by Drypers packet, which also makes it easy to just keep the whole packet next to your diaper changing table and take out what you need, rather than having to open the whole packet and rearrange the diapers in a separate box or tray.

So overall, I guess you can say that I have had a very enjoyable experience using Skinature by Drypers on my baby. And if Jedi could speak, I’m sure he would say that his comfort level has certainly improved since the switch.

Special Design For Newborns

I actually really wish that I had discovered Skinature by Drypers a lot sooner, especially when Jedi was a newborn.

One of the main problems I found with diapers for his newborn stage was that it was always too big and I would find the extra material chafing his umbilical cord stump.

Skinature by Drypers has addressed this pain point with its special cut-out design for its NB size that protects the umbilical cord stump and the baby’s navel area.

This special cut-out design reduces the pressure and contact of the diaper with your baby’s umbilical cord stump as the belly button heals. At the same time, it enables better air circulation to keep the navel area dry.

This would have certainly been useful and I would not have had to go through the horror of finding blood on my baby’s diaper as a newborn.

Parents who are keen to find out more or try this diaper should click here.

If you're ready to buy it now, check out Lazada's Super Brand Day promotion on 16 June, or CHUP DULU from 11-15 June or Shopee Super Brand Day from 22-26 June. 

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