Speak out on teen relationships

Speak out on teen relationships

This year for Universal Children’s Day, speak out and take part in a Tweet chat on the topic of teen relationships on Twitter.

Teen relationships in MalaysiaSpeak out on teen relationshipsIn conjunction with Universal Children’s Day 2012, Childline Malaysia will organize a Tweet chat for teens to discuss and share ideas on a topic close to their hearts – teen love.

In collaboration with R.A.G.E and UNICEF Malaysia, the online event aims to facilitate an open conversation between teens and adults.

Their aim is to create an environment where teens and adults can talk to each other and come up with workable solutions on how teens can best cope with relationship pressures.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the event by following #MYTeenLove on Twitter from 15 to 18th November.

UNICEF Malaysia will moderate a group discussion with teens on 18 November at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre to gather comments from #MYTeenLove Tweet chat and explore solutions and ideas for teens, families, communities and policy makers.

These solutions will be incorporated in the final resolution of the ‘Children for Child Protection’ forum happening on the same day.

Any healthy relationship starts with loving and respecting oneself first. Join in the conversation on Twitter at #MYTeenLove.

For instructions on how to participate in the discussion on teen relationships, click here. For more information, visit UNICEF's children4change's website.

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