5 Awesome Deals You MUST Check Out At The Tesco Baby Fair 2020

5 Awesome Deals You MUST Check Out At The Tesco Baby Fair 2020

The Tesco Baby Fair is happening from 30th January to 12th February 2020. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals.

New parents, here’s a tip from all experienced parents: Wait for baby fairs to do your shopping. Thankfully, the Tesco Baby Fair is coming up soon and there are some must-buy deals to look out for.

Before you go for the Tesco Baby Fair, here are some expert tips.

Firstly, make space in your house to stock up on diapers, formula milk, wet wipes, baby laundry detergent and other baby hygiene products.

Secondly, make sure to save up your money so you can buy all these products at the baby fair in order to enjoy the best deals. (Psst… You can also get your grocery shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables done while at the baby fair!)

So, here are 5 super awesome deals to catch at the Tesco Baby Fair 2020:

1. Get a Free Nestle Mummy Bag

tesco baby fair

When you purchase RM50 and above worth of Nestle Lactokid, Lactogrow, Nankid or Cerelac, you will receive a free Nestle mummy bag. This deal is only from 30 Jan till 12 Feb 2020, so don’t miss out! This mummy bag is perfect for storing milk powder, diapers, wet wipes or any baby things for you to take on the go.

2. Get your diapers for only RM26.99 per pack!*

5 Awesome Deals You MUST Check Out At The Tesco Baby Fair 2020

Is it time to stock up on diapers again? At RM26.99 per pack, it sure is! Fred & Flo deals are irresistible this time round with diapers selling for only RM26.99 per pack for its M sizes all the way up to XXL sizes, applicable for both tape and pants diapers.

3. Get 2 packets of 80s Wet Wipes for only RM8.99

5 Awesome Deals You MUST Check Out At The Tesco Baby Fair 2020

Every mummy will know that wet wipes are an absolute essential when it comes to babies and toddlers. So it is no surprise that this Tesco Baby Fair is also offering great deals for wet wipes. The Fred & Flo 80 pack gentle and fragrance free wet wipes are now going for RM8.99 for two packets. (We always keep at least 20 packets at home just in case, right?)

4. Baby hygiene products are going for SUPER cheap

5 Awesome Deals You MUST Check Out At The Tesco Baby Fair 2020

Get your baby oil, powder and lotion by Fred & Flo for only RM7.88 per bottle from 6-12 Feb 2020. Also on offer are the head to toe wash in 480ml (RM7.88 per unit) and toddler yogurt wash in one litre bottles (RM9.99 per unit). This is a great deal considering these are everyday products! You could even stock up for half a year or more since the best before dates are very far away. See, this is why you need to free up as much space at home as possible!

5. Stock up on baby cleaning products 

5 Awesome Deals You MUST Check Out At The Tesco Baby Fair 2020

Tesco’s in-house brand Fred & Flo is also offering baby cleaning products, like liquid cleanser (for baby bottles) and laundry detergent for only RM7.88 per unit. As parents, we know how important it is to keep our baby’s bottles and clothes clean, and we also know how much washing is involved in our everyday chores! So be sure to take advantage of this great deal.

6. Enjoy discounts on milk powder

tesco baby fair

We all know how expensive milk powder can be, so parents, it’s always a good time to consider buying milk powder during baby fairs. Here’s what you can look forward to at the Tesco Baby Fair:
– Get RM15 off when you buy two boxes of S-26 Standard Promise or Standard Progress (1.8kg)
– Get RM10 off when you buy two tins of Pediasure OHT Vanilla (1.6kg)
– Get RM10 off when you purchase two tins of Similac Gold Gain Plus or Kid (1.8kg)
– Get RM20 off when you purchase two containers of Friso Gold Step 3 or 4 (1.2kg)
– Get RM20 off when you buy two tins of Enfagrow A+ 360DHA Complex S3/S4/S5 (1.7kg)

So, have you started making your Tesco Baby Fair 2020 wishlist yet?

Join the #TescoBabyFairDreamyBabies contest

tesco baby fair

Sample image of a baby sleeping in a creative flat lay image. Shoot a creative image like this with a Tesco house brand product to be in the running to win amazing prizes.

Wait, don’t go just yet. We have one more exciting piece of news for you. In conjunction with the Tesco Baby Fair 2020, they are also running a contest to win Tesco vouchers worth up to RM20,000!

All you have to do is take a creative photo using simple props such as household items, soft toys, baby apparel, and colourful blankets, using at least ONE Tesco brand product. Post the photo up on Tesco’s Facebook post and you will be in the running to win cash vouchers!

Full contest rules:
Step 1: Love flatlays? It’s time to flat lay your baby by creating a creative fantasy setting with props and snap a picture of your child asleep! It is mandatory to have at least ONE Tesco brand item in the image. Share your photo with a short description of the fairytale setting in the comment section of Tesco’s Facebook post.
Step 2: Nominate 3 BFF mums to participate in this challenge by tagging them in the comment section.
Step 3: Share the contest post with the hashtag #TescoBabyFairDreamyBabies and ensure that the post is set to public.

【Prizes: Tesco Cash Vouchers】
ONE (1) Grand prize: RM3,000
ONE (1) Second prize: RM2,000
ONE (1) Third prize: RM1,000
THIRTY FIVE (35) Consolation prizes: RM400

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